Though car accident data is always publicized with the hope of enlightening individuals to help reduce the number of collisions, car accidents still happen. Being involved in a car accident normally results in injuries. Indisputably, car accidents in Alaska cause millions of injuries to victims each year.

While there is much reason why car accident happens, victims who suffer from significant injuries that result in disabilities are left without care. The fact is that most people don’t know that they can file for disability benefits if they have been disabled by car injuries caused by other people’s negligence acts.

If you have suffered from a car accident disability, you can be entitled to social security benefits in Alaska.

Do I Qualify To Get Social Security Benefits

When a car accident happens, you may incur many injuries that could prevent you from going back to work. The worst part is that these injuries may have a negative impact; they may leave you with life-threatening impairments such as lack of mobility, trauma, or even depression, not forgetting the financial difficulties. To get social security benefits in Alaska , there are some factors you must consider. They include:

You must have been unable to work due to a documented physical or mental injury for at least one year.

You can’t engage in the duties you used to before you suffered injuries

You can’t receive any training or even less demanding work

It doesn’t matter the kind of injuries you sustained after the car accident, the first priority would be your well-being. However, you need to be attended to by a professional doctor to ensure you have the right documentation on your diagnosis. You can qualify for social security benefits if your doctor makes a written statement. This should state that you may not be able to carry the former duties you used to before the car accident. This can be possible if you hire a trusted Alaska car accident attorney to help you retain a qualified doctor who can make the right diagnosis. You will need a health professional to prove that you can receive disability benefits. Some of the injuries that may qualify for disability include:

Soft tissue injuries that could have led to the loss of functionality for one year

Severe burns

Severe fractures on the legs or arms

Brain damages

Hearing or vision loss

Pursuing Personal Injury Claim and Social Security Disability Benefits In Alaska

If you have sustained severe injuries that may result in disability, you need legal assistance to know the steps to take to achieve the financial help you deserve. You only need to choose the best personal injury attorney in Alaska who will focus on your car accident litigation professionally. The lawyer will determine whether you’re eligible for social security disability insurance. If you qualify, there are federal programs that will ensure you get monthly cash payments.

How To File For The Social Disability Benefits In Alaska

To apply for the disability benefits in Alaska, you need to have the right information on hand. This includes:

Injuries suffered

The medical treatment you have received including the doctor’s information

The reasons why you’re unable to work

You past earnings

With the above information, you need to file the application that will be sent to the Alaska Disability Determination Services (DSS). The department will then determine whether you’re disabled and eligible for the disability benefits.

After the application, you wait for approximately four months to receive a written decision. If the request is denied and you can’t still attend to your normal duties, you can appeal. To file a court case for the denied disability claim, you need a qualified attorney to assist you.

After the appeal, you should request for a disability hearing by a judge. At the hearing, you will have a chance to prove why you deserve the social disability benefits. A medical expert is hired to give an opinion on the extent of your injuries. The judge will then issue his/her judgment within one month of your hearing.

Even if you have not been in employment for long, there is still some hope. You can instead qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This program requires no earning for you to be eligible. It’s not easy to file a disability claim. The process itself is very demanding. If you were involved in a car accident and believe you deserve the Alaska social security disability benefits, don’t do it alone. You will not make it. You need a lawyer to help you file the claim and increase your chance of winning. Most of the lawyers will offer a free consultation to ensure you understand what is needed of you. The lawyer will only get paid after you win your case.

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