That is the question. When you talk to some people they will tell you it is. Even if you only try it once or twice and don’t get addicted there are some dangers.

Did you know?

By 1995, less than 10% of Ecstasy that you could get your hands on was pure MDMA. When a user takes Ecstasy they are taking a mix of a wide variety of drugs and often toxic substances. Bottom line: you don’t know what is in that pill.

Another danger is that if you are taking Ecstasy then to feel the same effect you have to continue to increase the amount of the drug. That is right, the effect is greatly reduced after the first dose. So now you get more and more negative effects as you take more and more of the drug. The desired effect is less, so then you try other drugs to heighten the effect and now you have taken even more dangerous drugs.

Danger three: A person is coming down from an Ecstasy high and they feel mental and physical pain so the feel like a little bit of heroin or cocaine will help cope with that. 92% of people who take Ecstasy also abuse other even harder drugs.

Danger four: a person sometimes has a false idea that they only feel good when they take Ecstasy so now leads to taking more and more and do it more often than just at raves or party night. So they continue to take Ecstasy even though they get unpleasant effects.

The effects of Ecstasy get a hold of you much earlier than addiction occurs.

According to the Foundation for a Drug Free World, Ecstasy is a gateway drug to marijuana and harder drugs. Oftentimes the drug user may not become addicted to Ecstasy, per se, but does get hooked on the harder drugs that are out there and being pushed by drug dealers.

Ecstasy is commonly known as a party drug, and that is part of the danger. Youth particularly do not have “XTC” grouped in the same category as cocaine, methamphetamine, and other drugs. The truth is that Ecstasy could have all of those drugs laced inside of it without the teenager even knowing it.

Long before the drug abuser could become physically addicted to Ecstasy, he or she is already mentally addicted. He or she needs the drug to feel comfortable in various social and party situations.

If you or a loved one is regularly abusing Ecstasy, you need help. It’s best to get in contact with drug rehabs that specialize in treating this sort of designer drug abuse. That will be your best shot at recovery.

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Craig Gehring writes on a variety of self-improvement topics, including addiction treatment, drug abuse centers, and education. He owns the marketing firm Ring Publications, LLC.