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Have you ever thought of having a large penis or you are contented of what you have now? Although most men are engaged with the thought of having bigger and longer penis, there are men who don't really care about this. Some of them don't care about the size of their penis, because they think that penis enlargement is not possible; some of them don't care about it because they do not know that having a large penis offers a lot of benefits.

In order to help you learn more about the advantages of having a longer and bigger penis, I will be sharing some of the things that I experienced after I tried several penis enlargement methods. I was in the exact same boat as you are years ago, but after I learned about the advantages of a longer and bigger penis; I started to look for ways on how I can improve its size. Below are some of the changes that I experienced after gaining at least 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth:

I enjoyed sexual intercourse more than ever before.

Imagine being able to penetrate your girlfriend using your love handle that is at least 3 inches longer and 1.5 inch bigger. You may not know it yet, but women, all of them, love bigger and longer penis. Although some of them may feel pain at first due to your humongous penis penetrating their gate, you will be able to give them mind blowing orgasm once it adapts your size.

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I became a chick magnet whenever I go to a bar.

Did you know that having a bigger and longer penis attract women even if they don't see your love handle yet? Yes! And this is one of the best things that I experienced after I tried several penis enlargement methods. Now, women can't resist me while I am dancing and I find them most of the time grinding themselves over to my penis. This is really an amazing experience, and if you want to experience this for yourself; my best advice is to start looking for penis enlargement methods now.

I developed a very strong sense of confidence in bed.

Have you ever experience the feeling that you can't show your penis to your girlfriend because you think that she will be turned off with its size? There are some men who are insecure with their ability to please their girl in bed simply because the size of their penis is not good enough for them. After gaining 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth using different penis enlargement methods, I find myself much more confident. There are times when I feel like a monster in bed who is about to eat a girl sacrificing herself to me.

I had sex more often than before I use penis enlargement methods.

Most women love sex, and they would like to do it with someone who can give them mind blowing pleasure and orgasm. If you can give them bursting orgasms, you won't have to convince them to hope in bed and open their gate for you. Believe it or not, they will be the one who will do everything just to get you hop in bed to give them the pleasure that they are craving for.

I had better sex endurance which pleases me and my girl every time.

This is the only thing that I never expected after I tried different penis enlargement methods. I never thought that I will be able to improve my endurance in bed, which allowed me and my girl to enjoy sex more than before. There are a lot of penis enlargement methods that can help you treat premature ejaculation, while some can greatly improve your endurance in bed. Believe it or not, this very simple thing made my sex life active, enjoyable and exciting more than I have ever imagined.

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None of this that you will read on these pages is made up, contrived, or false, in any way shape and form. No one has time for lies and untruths and we would not waste your time in that manner or lead you astray especially for an area as important as your penis. Please know we just want to see you have a better relationship in your life with everyone that comes across you and release that 'Tiger' in the bedroom once more!

Want a Bigger Penis?

In order to get a bigger penis one needs to know how to work that penis out so it can accept more blood from your heart and your circulatory system. The veins and arteries in your body that the heart uses to transport blood to all areas of the body including the penis, needs to be taken care of.

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Although there is no way to exercise the circulatory system, there is a way to take care of your heart. Sticking to a nutritiously-proper diet, not abusing it, not being too stressed out about anything you can't control and focusing on all the good things of a healthy lifestyle will promote a big unit for you. This is not going to take years, this is only going to take a couple months at most, before you hold in your hand the key to the kingdom, my friend.

Why a Bigger Penis?

Many men desire to receive a bigger penis but don't know how to go about doing that. That's why they read our posts here and our website and learn how to get a bigger penis and cut through all the baloney. We're one of the first sites to tell you that only the conveyance of blood from your heart to your penis needs to be talked about in reality when it comes to a larger and bigger penis.

Just what does a larger and bigger penis give a guy these days? Everything he desires. The man who has a large penis can dictate so many things not only in the bed but with financial, relationship skills, actually wearing the pants in the family and having the penis to match! A woman wants and needs a man, her man, to feel good about himself and have the confidence that he can take care of both himself and her and the children, if need be. Women want to be taken care of, most of them, and although this is not the1960's all over again, chivalry still lives on in some men, and in you.

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Do you think it's absolutely impossible to increase the size of your penis? We will show you that not only is it possible and true, but here is the only way to attain that career life goal. The first thing you do is to clear your mind of all negative affirmations and beliefs that only through surgery can you have a bigger penis. That is just not true and ancient civilizations are proof that it does not require a sharp scalpel or any other kind of ridiculously-conceived and manufactured contraptions to lengthen and widen your penis. You do not need anything but your mind, heart, hands, will to win and be big!

Exercise Everyday

You can do that right here by yourself in the comfort of your on home with only a little bit of reading. Tell me where else can you receive this kind of deal, great research proven information on a very important if not the most important appendage of your body, and with little cost to you, only time? Simply by using the Jelqing method for penis growth, you'll be well on your way, exactly 50% of your way, towards having a bigger unit down there, and finally be the lover that you desire to be! Make an "O" shape with your fingers and apply slight pressure to the shaft. You have to be diligent and do this every day, unless of course there is pain.

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The best thing about this exercise is that it does not take very long and it will help you to have a bigger penis for life. We've already discussed the Jelqing method which is the contraction and flexing exercise of the sphincter muscle, which is used to control both the urinary flows and bowel movements as well. There's a very strong muscle and one that controls a lot of the penis activity since it needs to our inseparably attached. By using both the Jelqing and any other penis stretching hand-massaged exercise, you will be almost there, to a bigger penis and all the benefits that come from having a Maj. Johnson in your little army.

Couple Good Exercises and Mind set

There is nothing wrong with having a larger penis and desiring to have one is a great self-image tool and one that will pay itself off in bigger dividends than you could ever imagine my friend. Just think about having a larger penis and surprising the lady in your life in the bedroom one darkened night that only is lit by candles and the smell of perfume and red wine all throughout the room! I am not trying to get you in the mood right now, I'm only trying to get you in the optimistic-mind mood and the heart mood and the penis mood to get a larger penis and get a bigger penis and get a penis you will be proud of! In order to make your penis grow bigger forever, you'll need to know a couple good exercises.

Even though it is not a physical exercise, exercising and training your mind to see the goal of a larger penis actually will help it grow. This is such a simple thing, but many men forget to do it and they do not see the results they planned on.

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Not all men are born lucky to have a naturally well-endowed manhood. A huge number of adult men today suffer from the humiliation of having a small sized penis. But does one have to endure all his life being less than adequately sized? Absolutely not... because in all truth, you can easily stretch your penis with your hands to stimulate it into naturally growing bigger!

Why is that so? Because your male organ is just like most other parts of your body, in which it still holds potential to expand in size. Just like how you can realistically gain more mass in your arms by doing physical workout on them, stretching your manhood is somewhat like an exercise to 'upsize' your penis.

"What does stretching do to help your penis get bigger?"

Your male organ is made up of tissues, muscles, and several veins inside. Two particularly prominent veins called the Corpora Cavernosa does the job of storing blood inside them in order to make the surrounding tissues expand in size during sexual arousal to give your penis an erection. So the idea is to have the Corpora Cavernosa increase in capacity to hold more blood, and hence cause your male organ to grow bigger than it usually does!

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The stretching routines involved work cohesively to both enhance the blood flow to the blood veins I talked about as well as cause larger cells to grow within your organ. The newer larger cells support more blood to accumulate inside the Corpora Cavernosa. And you know what happens next - your penis starts expanding larger in size, and continues to do so as long as you keep practising the stretches daily!

"But do you have to keep doing the routines for the rest of your life?"
Nope! You see, by growing larger cells within your male organ, you effectively cause a permanent increase in the size of your manhood. Why? Because unlike muscles which will shrink with time, cells do not go smaller. So you get to keep every single bit of increase you gain out of doing the stretching routines.

Of course that also means your days of feeling embarrassed by your "penis shortcomings" are practically over for good!

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