With the popularity of medical knowledge, I believe that everyone is familiar with urethritis. Today, let’s talk about what is gonococcal urethritis.

Gonococcal urethritis is caused by unsanitary sex life, caused by neisseria gonorrhoeae.

What are the symptoms means that we have gonococcal urethritis?

After infection with gonococcal urethritis, there is usually a refusal period of 2 to 5 days. At the beginning of the onset, the symptoms are urethral redness, itching, slight tingling, followed by purulent discharge of the urethra, and gradually worsened. The patient's urethral orifice is often blocked by secretions. At this time, if no special treatment is taken, it may become chronic gonococcal urethritis. Some patients may have prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and epididymitis.

Clinically, gonococcal urethritis is treated in several ways.

1. Drink plenty of water to increase urine output and flush out urethral secretions when urinating.

2. Use sedative pain to relieve phlegm and relieve pain.

3. Pay attention to rest, avoid sexual life in the short term in the acute phase.

4. Antibiotic treatment (norfloxacin). Select effective antibiotics based on bacterial culture and drug susceptibility testing.

5. Chronic urethritis or urethral stricture, in addition to drug treatment, should be urethral dilatation.

After gonococcal urethritis is cured, it will not recur. If the treatment is not complete, it will re-infect.And the use of antibiotics, there have obvious side effects. Therefore, we recommend natural medicine, such as Dr.Lee Diuretics Pill, which have no side effects, improve immunity and human disease resistance, and do not produce drug resistance. The main ingredients of Dr.Lee Diuretics Pill are composed of more than 50 kinds of herbal medicines such as psyllium seed, dianthus superbus, herba polygoni avicularis, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, red peony, houttuyniae, and the seed of cowherb.

Among them, psyllium seed and dianthus superbus have the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying and diuresis.

Safflower and peach kernel have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can alleviate urethral pain.

In daily life, tea and coffee are prohibited . Do not eat spicy food, and need to drink plenty of water,because a large amount of drinking water increases urine output, urinary tract secretions can be flushed during urination to prevent bacteria and inflammatory secretions from staying in the urethra.

Require scientific treatment as soon as possible. If in daily life, male friends discover the symptoms of urethritis, should pay attention to the regular hospital for scientific treatment as soon as possible. At the same time, male friends should not listen to all kinds of false or exaggerated advertisements to seek medical treatment, so as not to delay the illness and miss the opportunity of treatment.

Enhance physical fitness. After men have suffered from urethritis, should pay attention to rest and avoid being too tired to make the body's resistance low. At the same time, in daily life, physical exercise should be properly carried out to enhance physical fitness and improve the body's resistance to infectious bacteria.

Raise awareness of sexual safety and let patients know what is safe sex, what is dangerous behavior, and how to avoid dangerous behavior.

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