The world around us is undergoing lots of change rapidly. Keeping up with its pace everything is getting a new makeover from our lifestyle to our relationships. Now the relationships, especially marriages are free from the bondage of strict societal rules and unearthly expectations. A lifetime commitment and adjustment without the wholehearted effort of two individuals do not define marriages any more.

As the concept of open marriages become popular every day online dating sites are also gaining popularity for providing an ideal platform to meet like minded people. Sites like Ashley Madison helps people finding an ideal match who are seeking reliable company outside marriage. An overview of Ashley Madison proves that more and more married people are now inclined to meet new people and step out of the black and white of relationships.
Unlike the popular belief, dating after marriage is not all cons. In many cases, it has proven to be saviours of marriages which were on the verge of breaking. If you are also wondering if dating after marriage can really save a marriage or not, just give a read:

A break from daily life

Marriages are nothing but full-time jobs! A constant pressure to juggle marriage, work and social life often leave people worn out. Dating provides people with an opportunity to meet new people which provides a much-needed break and feels like a gush of relief. It enables the exchange of ideas. Often this kind of exposure is needed for people to appreciate their partners and their presence. If two people share a healthy bond and mutual trust in an open marriage, then these dates will do no harm. It will only mend the broken strings.


Often the dates help people understand who they really are and what they really seek in a relationship. Once you are certain about your intention you can think better about the future about the relationship. It helps you identify the loopholes in a relationship and mend it or to end it if needed.

In an open marriage after a few dates, people have even reported having more fun together with their partners than they had before. So it can be safely said that opening up to your partners might bring you two closer.

Effect of other relationships

The equation of human relationship and emotions is always not as easy as it seems. Sometimes the relationships outside marriage may pose as a threat to the marriage as they might become more demanding and distracting.

Once people taste the freedom and personal space in an open relationship it might be difficult for them to commit again. However, if couples are honest and can keep their jealousy, insecurities aside, they can make the marriage work.

Communication is the key

As long as both the partners are satisfied in an open relationship it is fine. The communication should be transparent and clear. If instead of giving the value to fidelity you value communication more the relationship will be more strong and meaningful. Avoiding each other's need for space and emotional needs might lead to divorce.

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