Men who suffer from a lowered libido, decrease in energy, or any of the other symptoms commonly associated with low levels of testosterone often wonder if there are home remedies or lifestyle changes that can elevate their testosterone count. Whether fueled by convenience, a distrust/dislike of doctors, a desire to save money, or to save face (as some men prefer to remain anonymous when it comes to these issues), men who feel like they might suffer "low T" levels are likely to seek out ways to increase their testosterone on their own before consulting a physician or clinic. In this article we'll look at some of the most popular lifestyle changes that men make in an attempt to boost their testosterone levels and consider the effectiveness of these varying methods in their ability to produce testosterone.

Perhaps the most common question asked regarding this topic is, "Can a better diet and more exercise give me an increase in testosterone?" Before answering this question, let it be clearly affirmed that a healthy diet and an increase in activity are strongly encouraged and can have many benefits that lead to an overall improvement in quality of life. But is an increase in testosterone numbered among these benefits? There have been many studies performed in pursuit of an answer to this question. However, to date, there is is nothing documented which confirms that exercise and diet can significantly increase your levels. Even in the cases where a slight increase was reported, the evidence seemed to indicate that the "spike" (relative, since this increase was typically not enough to be statistically significant) in testosterone was very temporary and had no noticeable effect on the men involved in the study.

Another strategy that men often employ to elevate their testosterone level is to increase their sexual activity. Whether by masturbation or an intentional increase in intercourse, these men hope to encourage their testes to begin producing more testosterone with extra-sexual activity. Does it work? Does an increase in sexual activity stimulate the testes in a way that causes them to produce more testosterone? The answer to this question is not too dissimilar to the diet and exercise question. There is no documentation showing that extra-sexual activity can effectively increase the production of testosterone. Some studies report slight temporary elevations during strong erections, but no study has shown a substantial and sustainable increase of testosterone.

There are many other ways that men have attempted to raise their "T" levels naturally. None of these approaches have been found to be successful. There is nothing documented that would lead doctors to believe there is a lifestyle change that can effectively force the testes to start producing more testosterone. Those suffering from "Low T" levels should consult a physician to first confirm their testosterone level with a simple blood test, and also to determine the best TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) for them.

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