Brainwave entertainment has added a new dimension to the life style where your brain can be reprogrammed without doing much effort or hard work. The monaural beats, isochronic tones and binaural beats are various types of brainwaves frequencies having different meanings and purposes. These are available in different file formats but brain wave mp3 only is the best option as they can be used with different devices and you can listen to them on the go.

The question is, whether they can be used for meditation and brain exercises or not. The answer is yes. They are the instant replacement of meditation and provides with the alternative through brain wave mp3 only. These sounds are the combination of music, beats and flashing lights to produce a specific pattern of waves which can be experienced through brain wave mp3 only. They do not need high investments as these brainwaves can be downloaded through internet and can be used for different brain exercises which were only possible through the conventional meditation in the past.

Brainwave frequencies and patterns are used for energy boost, increasing the self confidence, bringing creativity to new heights and escalating the immune system. The scientific patterns of these frequencies are specifically designed to serve the desired purpose and provide the easiest way of mediation. All these frequencies and patterns have a unique ability to tempt a specific behavior related to it. The binaural beats utilize the tendency of brain to interpret two different beats of related frequencies as a single beat. This can explain why certain musical passages have a valuable impact on the audience.

Monaural beats and isochronic tones are slightly different from binaural beats but have the same impact and can be used for different brain exercises. The effect of these brainwaves is much long-lasting and can be played through loud speakers while binaural waves can be used in a different way. Human ear can’t listen to the frequency less than 20Hz. An effect can be generated through using frequency of 106 Hz through one channel and 100Hz through other channel. This will generate an effect of 6Hz beat. The brain will sync with the beat and you will go in the alpha state. These frequencies and different combinations can be used to bring out different psychic senses and whole sessions can be devoted on these mind exercises and meditation through brain wave mp3 only.

During such sessions ambient noises are used as a background to complement the beats to play their role in relaxing and providing a soothing effect. These beats are used to reach the Alpha and Theta states where psychic and intuitive powers are sharpened and fine tuned through brain wave mp3 only. There are no side effects or harm associated with such sessions. These beats are developed after a scientific research and have the powers to fine tune your mind. This is a simplest method which provides with the powers to alter the mind while doing the minimum amount of effort.

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I my name is David and i love the unexplainable…and have been very interested in things like brainwave mp3 recordings and Meditation,Astral Projection,and ESP all my life.