Can Brain Techniques Give You The Winning Edge?

Do we agree that you and I are skeptics and need a lot of proof before we believe – anything?
Experience has taught us to believe in Cause-And-Effect, right? But does science (neuroscience,
really brain science) claim to have all the answers to how human think and act? Not yet.

Should we keep an open mind on brain techniques that future research may prove to be valuable?

Example: to be at your sharpest, using the most of your mind, raise your VIBRATIONS. What are vibrations and how do you raise them?

We all have brain vibrations 24/7 that change our attitude, state-of-mind, and decision-making power.
The proof goes back to the 1924 when an Austrian psychiatrist named Hans Berger created (invented) the EEG (Electroencephalogram). It was the first proof that humans are at core - electrical systems.

Our brain runs on electrical vibrations based on our activity. Example: when we are awake the EEG records Beta cycles per second (13 to 40 Hertz). This Beta operates when our eyes are open and we are alert and thinking. It is human consciousness.

Second is Alpha brainwave cycles producing 8-13 cycles (Hertz) per second. When we are relax, effortlessly alert, and close our eyes and daydream, we immediately enter Alpha. Meditation is 90% in Alpha.

Third are Theta brain vibrations producing 4-7 cycles per second. We go into deeper relaxation which creates creativity, intuition, imagination and inspiration. Great inventions, new ideas come during Theta.

Fourth are Delta brainwave vibrations, 1/2 – 4 cycles per second. It switches on during sleep and later in dreaming. Consciousness rests and Non-Consciousness takes over.

Last point on Dr. Burger and something to remember. When he tried to publish scientific articles about the electrical, vibrating brain, he was not just ignored by the medical and scientific community; he was ridiculed and considered a crank and a freak.

Ten years later in 1934 his EEG was considered “the most surprising, remarkable and momentous development in the history of clinical neurology.” Now, almost 80 years later scientists still use Berger’s EEG for brain research. Today even 8th graders know there are four different types of electrical activity in the human brain. Each has different wave patterns, rhythms and functions. Electricity makes us human.

So What

Read this carefully or you will miss its significance. You can easily raise your vibrations from slow-to-fast and improve your decision-making powers, analysis and intuition. Intuition and inspirations are hunches and gut-reactions that come from our Non-Consciousness. What exactly is non-consciousness?

See, there are six (6) brain structures operating when we are awake and alert. Only one of them makes us aware of its existence – Consciousness (Beta). The other 5/6th (83.33%) of our thinking-brain are on auto-pilot. Huh? Your heart beating, blood pressure, body temperature, and immune system operate automatically (auto-pilot).

Wait -Consciousness has a bandwidth (capacity) of just 16 to 40 Bits of Information Per Second. Not a lot, right? Non-Consciousness (5/6th) has a capacity of 11-MILLION Bits of Information. What a comparison. Our job is to use the bandwidth (capacity) of our Non-Consciousness to attract health, better healing, wealth, protection from danger, and better relationships with brain techniques. Huh?


Let’s say that you are at the Bellagio casino in Vegas. You are there to try to hijack the Poker Tournaments. You know how to play a decent hand of poker and maybe even win a jackpot or two.
If you can control your attitude, your mental state, and not be an emotional better, you improve the odds in your favor.


Get this: many successful decisions are NOT based on logic and reasoning. They are neuroscience based on your thoughts and emotions. The research indicates - how your control your mind, brainwaves and rhythm, will improve the odds in your favor. There are baby-easy techniques to slow down your rhythm
(vibrational frequency) and deepen your attention and concentration for better decision-making.

Rhythm Technique

Sitting down, speed up your vibrations by signaling your brain by thumping both your hands on your knees – rapidly. Tap a quick-rhythm for 15-30 seconds and relax. Every fifteen minutes do another 15-second set of tapping. You are raising your brain vibrations. That’s easy, right?

Stay with me, the second element in raising your brain Rhythm (vibrational technique) is using your imagination (mental visualization) to create a cognitive map to reach your goals. How?
Imagine as you tap your quick rhythm, the cards being played out at the table. See yourself making the smartest decisions, and winning the jackpot. Huh?

See the process of you taking in the jackpot. Crazy? Ask Tiger Woods or other professional athletes how they mentally practice their skills. Mental rehearsal imprinted your goal, just as physical practice does.

They imagine, visualize and mentally see the exact steps they will take to win (score) in tennis, baseball,
and golf. They create a mental-map how to play, and it is changes the odds of winning. The tapping creates a focused ATTENTION and concentration, while your mind-movies use Memory Neurons to
trigger your winning techniques.

This strategy is called POLARITY meaning incoming and outgoing. You can use your Will Power to raise your vibrational frequency (brainwaves) to improve your odds. Some scientists believe your brainwave rhythms can attract what you focus your mind on. Can you imagine staying in the flow of winning jackpots? Stop analyzing the logic and reasoning, and do a mind-experiment. Attract your goals.

Sounds Dumb

“We humans have the ability to imagine something in our mind (brain). We use our Primary Visual Cortex, the same brain structure we use to see our environment and have experiences. Humans can imagine things that do NOT exist, and then go out and create these ideas. Examples: a hand ax, a flute, the internet, and next year’s Cadillac. We recombine bits of information from our experiences and knowledge into NOVEL forms. The variations are infinite.” John Hoffecker. University of Colorado,
Archaeologist. You say you believe in cause-and-effect? Do a “mind experiment” and learn to win.

New Technique to Attract Success

There are two types of smiles, showing our TEETH alone, or combining showing our teeth with having crow’s feet at our EYES. Have you ever seen a display advertisement of employees (not actors) who are smiling solely with their teeth? It is called PanAm smiling, and they are forcing themselves to smile.

A real smile is called a Duchenne Smile, after a French neurologist, and combines showing our teeth and squinting our eyes. Smiling triggers our Zygomatic Major muscle used in facial expressions. Real smiling uses your RISORIUS muscle to draw out the muscles of your mouth. Finally, your Orbitocularis Oculi, muscle makes your Eyelids squint and produces crow’s feet at your eyes.

So What

Can you create a phony smile on your face right this second?

Just show your teeth in a wide grin and you are there. When you maintain this make-believe smile
(PanAm smile) for 1-2 minutes, it becomes a real (genuine) smile (teeth and eyes). When you have a smile on your face, REAL-Or-PHONY, you trigger your brain to feel happy and attract positive experiences. How? You raise your vibrational frequency – it’s electrical brainwaves at work.

You cannot have a phony-smile on your puss, and feel and act negatively. Try it now.

How does this act of Will Power help us?

The act of artificial smiling, acting-as-if you are happy just because you choose to, affects your nervous system. Your brain switches from Sympathetic to your Parasympathetic Nervous System. Listen up – your Sympathetic Nervous system contains your Fight-or-Flight reflex, (adrenaline) while your Parasympathetic causes relaxation (acetylcholine) produces better decisions and intuitions.

When your brain is excited by adrenaline it does not think clearly or make good decisions. To attract your burning desires you want deep relaxation, which is your Parasympathetic Nervous System and the neurotransmitter – acetylcholine. It even improves your eyes by improving your peripheral vision.


Maintain a phony smile on your face until it becomes a genuine Duchenne smile. It requires 1-2 minutes. The benefits are a release of stress, anxiety and fear, and the ability to make winning decisions in your life. Play the role of a smiling, happy person, (stay-in-character) and your mind-body connection will
reproduce a new, better mental attitude. Some students swear you become a Money-Magnet.

Want to win in casino Poker Tournaments? Smile instead of frown, and other players cannot read your TELLS. How? Show-them-your-teeth. Resource for this information: Mad-Mike’s Casino Poker Tournament Boot Camp. They teach students brain techniques to win jackpots.
See ya.

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