Endometriosis is a common cause of female infertility. Some women may have more difficult treatment because they have not paid attention before.

Can B-ultrasound find out endometriosis?

There are many kinds of endometriosis. If you check B-ultrasound, you can see typical chocolate cysts, adenomyosis, and so on. However, doctors should combine the diagnosis of these diseases with the patient's clinical symptoms. B-ultrasound is not the gold standard for detecting endometriosis.

The diagnosis of endometriosis is usually confirmed by examination in four aspects:

Endometriosis first depends on whether the patient has clinical symptoms, menstruation, sexual intercourse pain, or other urinary tract and intestinal symptoms;

Imaging examination can be done at the same time, such as color Doppler ultrasound. Color Doppler ultrasound can distinguish endometriotic cysts like ovaries. Further CT and MR can also help the examination.

Draw blood and check serum CA125. In general, CA125 will also increase slightly in patients with mild endometriosis. But in the more severe patients, it will increase significantly.

Laparoscopy is also a means of treatment. Make a few small holes from the abdomen, then put the lens in, directly observe the situation of the pelvis and stomach, and accurately find the location and scope of the lesion.

Can endometriosis heal itself?

Some patients with endometriosis do not have obvious symptoms, so they may not have any treatment. Endometriosis is a hormone-dependent disease. When the ovarian function is inhibited, or ovarian function subsides, theoretically, the focus will shrink and absorb. For example, in the case of natural menopause and artificial menopause, the focus of infection will shrink at this time.

What does artificial menopause include? For example, some patients may have undergone ovariectomy because of ovarian diseases, or some have been treated with radiation, and their ovarian function has been completely destroyed. In this case, their ovaries have no function.

At this time, theoretically, the focus will shrink and absorb. In addition, pregnancy is also a treatment for this disease. When using drugs to inhibit ovarian function can also inhibit the occurrence of endometriosis. From this point of view, it can heal itself.

But for most patients with endometriosis, it needs treatment. Drug therapy is a common way. Some doctors will let patients use contraceptives in large doses, which will lead to the cessation of menstruation, resulting in a false pregnancy to have a specific therapeutic effect.

However, some patients will have symptom recurrence after drug withdrawal. Moreover, taking contraceptives in large doses will cause particular harm to the body. So, patients can choose safe and organic therapy, Fuyan Pill, especially for young patients with reproductive needs.

In the course of treatment, women should also pay attention to dietary care. They should avoid eating spicy food or food with a stimulating effect, which will aggravate the endocrine imbalance of the body. Moreover, pay attention to the personal hygiene, take a bath and change clothes frequently.

More importantly, avoid sex during menstruation. Also, exercise can relieve pain and reduce the content of estrogen, which may delay the growth of endometriosis.

Surgical treatment is also a more common method. Conservative surgical treatment may be adopted for younger patients, only removing the cyst tissue at the diseased site. For some older patients with complications, they can remove the diseased parts together.

Endometriosis is a benign lesion, but it also has the possibility of malignant transformation, but the probability is minimal, about less than 1%. Therefore, as long as women actively cooperate with doctors, they can control the disease.

Therefore, it is suggested that women suffering from endometriosis should not feel that they can't get pregnant because they suffer from endometriosis. In this case, they must go to a professional and regular hospital for a comprehensive physical examination in time and listen to doctors' opinions for proper conditioning.

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