Side Effects from Anesthesia Cause Long Term Side Effects

Doctors seem to warn of the short term side effects such as vomiting, fatigue, blurred vision, dizziness, sore throat, unusual dreams and mood swings. Are long term effects a possibility? Damage to the brain can occur while under anesthesia, which is something that doctors rarely talk about to patients. Common sense tells me that shutting the brain down for a long period can do damage to future normal brain functions. I am convinced from my own past experiences that depression, mood swings, loss of memory and not being able to think clearly have been a side effect I have had from anesthesia in the past.

The Effects of Anesthesia From Multiple Surgeries.

I have worked in construction all of my life, and I have had numerous injuries which have required surgery. I had a knee surgery in 1986 which had me under anesthesia for about 6 hours, and I was hospitalized for 3 days and I had the hickups for 3 days, which was termed as a side effect. During my stay in the hospital I was given anti psycotic medicine to take away the hickups. I also had memory lapses and depression issues, which I blamed on the fact that I was out of work for so long to recover.

I have had four other surgeries since then:

1.right elbow repair from an old injury. (3 hour surgery) Oct.1990
2.left arm bicep repair. (2 hour surgery) June 1991
3 Right rotator cuff repair (4 hour surgery) Oct. 2004
4. Left rotator cuff repair (4hour surgery) July 2009.

I have wondered many times about the long term effects of general anesthesia which are based on my own experiences. This last surgery has me feeling worse than any of the others. Maybe it is due to the fact that I have been off of work so long, but I don't think that is all of it! I believe multiple surgeries and being under anesthesia numerous times can have a negative effect that compounds itself.

General Anesthesia... the Necessary Medicine?

I know that all of my surgeries did require anesthesia. I know I would not have been to comfortable without the help of anesthesia. I believe sharing your own experience with others will help them cope with problems they might be having, and stimulate more research to help others. I have felt there is something wrong with me. Since asking for help online, I have found that many others have had similar reactions to anesthesia. After my surgeries in 1990 and 1991. I sought psychiatric help for this problem, and was prescribed Zoloft to help with the depression I was feeling. The cost for this drug was $100.00 per month at that time, and it made me feel like a zombie! The extra monthly expense was depressing me also... a no win situation! You need a drug to offset the after effect of the previous drug! Doesn't make much sense to me!

This Problem Has a Solution...I Know It!

I will be 57 years old next month. This last surgery in July of 2009 has been a blessing for me. This experience has given be a chance to expand my thoughts. I plan to be able to work online with my new computer skills for many years to come. I am doing quite well, but my thought processes just aren't as sharp as they need to be when I talk to people. I have trouble getting the words to come out right! I only get one chance for that first impression and that's for sure... my speech seems to be so slow at times! People are to busy to wait for me to talk.

I refuse to take prescription medications in spite of the bouts of depression I have been going through. I am quite excited to give the natural supplements and vitamins a shot to win this battle. I just don't trust the drug companies any more. I believe they do more damage than good for people.

I believe that natural supplements can help me. I've been on them for one month now and it may be the "placebo effect" going on, but I do feel better. I am not having such severe mood swings any more. Depression is not effecting me as often as it was a few months ago. Natural supplements and Vitamins have not been a part of my life before, but I want to feel better. I have so much to gain! I hope now that I will be able to share some positive results with you in the months to come. I hope you have enjoyed my article! I know that I am not alone with these feelings and I hope that by sharing them I can help someone else. Blessings to you!

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