The eyelash is a beauty enhancer. Many times people with longer eyelashes are considered to be beautiful. The more one has longer eyelashes, the more the beauty in them stands out. Therefore, every woman would strive to have longer eyelashes. A person can have long eyelashes due to genetic causes or even because their body produces a lot of vitamins responsible for the growth of eyelashes. Thyroid causes little blood circulation in our bodies, therefore, victimizes the skin.

Eyelashes send a strong beauty message, around us, however, conditions such thyroid may deny us this privilege to have admirable long eyelashes. This status, medically known as madarosis that is eyelash loss prevents ladies and girls from having that beautiful look. Eyes could grow and fall for various reasons such as medical reasons or environmental reasons.

What is Eyelash loss?

Loss of eyelashes, also medically known as Madarosis is the profuse loss of eyelash hair. It is an abnormal occurrence that could also be a sign of other infections. It, therefore, requires immediate attention. One loses eyelash hair like the normal way that you lose hair from the head.

However, this happens once in a while, and you may not even notice that you lost your eyelash hair. In the other case of eyelash loss or madarosis, a person can lose most of the hair or even lose all the hair. This eyelash loss problem can be so distressing and causing much anxiety. It should not be the end when one experiences such a condition. It has got its various causes and solutions.

Symptoms of eyelash loss

One can also notice this condition through the following symptoms;

1. Bristle/when they easily come out when applying mascara
2. When they ultimately fall out,/absent
3. When they have large gaps
4. Thinning
5. If caused by an infection, there might be redness or itchy
6. Appearance of broken eyelash

Causes of Eyelash loss

Eyelash loss can affect anyone be it women, men or children. The following can causes of eyelash loss:

1. Thyroid problem

Overactive or even underactive thyroid gland is a common problem that can lead to losing of an eyelash. This thyroid condition could also lead to general loss of body hair. When the thyroid glands become overactive, it may be difficult for it to contain heat. It may lead to other stressful conditions such as headaches, lack of proper sleep, weight loss and much more. In such a condition, there is always hair break off that could also happen to the eyelash. Also, when the thyroid glands become underactive, then it may be hard for it to contain the cold condition, drying off the skin and causing weight gain. In such a condition, the eyebrows and the eyelash slowly fall out due to bristliness, they become thin and dry.

Symptoms of overactive thyroid glands: intolerance to heat, amnesia, swollen lower neck headaches, lack of proper sleep, weight loss

Symptoms of underactive thyroid glands: dry skin, inability to tolerate cold and weight gain

2. Trichotillomania Tangle or pulling out eyelashes

Usually, this is a condition related the psychological state of a person. It is a disorder related to impulse control of an individual. Such a person can uncontrollably pull their hair. It happens to the hair on the eyebrow, the eyelashes and even on the scalp hair. Individuals with this trichotillomania condition pull hair one by one from their roots. There are some who can even pick a handful of hair from their eyelash and eyebrow. This condition begins at different stages. In some people, it could persist into adulthood whereas it comes to a stop for others.

3. Menopause

When one grows old to menopause, there is always a loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. At this stage, one loses estrogen which results in stunted hair growth. It can, in turn, lead to the destruction of hair follicles leading to thin and brittle eyelashes.

4. Medication

Some drug meant to treat other conditions may result in loss of eyelash. Medications such as thyroid balancing drugs, blood pressure drugs, and oral anti-acne connect to madarosis also known as eyelash loss. However, in some cases, the eyelash may grow back or continue to fall for quite a long time. It may need other solutions to trigger back their growth.

5. Allergic reactions to eyelash makeup and mascara

Eyelash fall out the problem to some may be as a result of the chemicals in the eyelash makeups. Such chemicals trigger allergic reactions that may cause eyelash loss.

Eyelash loss treatment

1. Hormone replacement therapy in case of menopause causes
2. Changing to a better medication
3. Cognitive and behavioral therapy with enough counseling for Trichotillomania Tangle cause
4. Carefully choose your mascara
5. Remove makeup before you go to bed since it prevents follicles from breathing.

In summary, eyelash loss can happen to anyone regardless of gender. This condition restores when you take proper precautions.


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