Posture affects everything from spinal health to how you present yourself to the world. We all want to achieve good posture, but it can be more difficult than it sounds, particularly if you’ve suffered a back or neck injury.

The first step to improving something is understanding what is going wrong. A physio in Mooroolbark can provide you with a tailored posture assessment before recommending any number of different stretches and exercises to help you look and feel your best.

What is ‘good’ posture?
To understand what makes ‘good’ posture, you first need to know what bones and muscles are involved in keeping you upright.

The muscles surrounding the spine obviously play a central role in promoting good posture. These are not just limited to the upper back but also your abdominal and pelvis, which help to stabilise the spinal base. Upper back muscles, including the rhomboids and erector spinae, draw your shoulders back and help to keep your neck strong and stable.

All these muscles (and more) work in tandem to help you maintain the natural position of your spine, which curves at your neck, mid-back, and lower-back. Good posture will look incredibly natural but may not feel that way, particularly when you are in the early stages of making improvements.

Why is posture important?
Posture is important for a number of reasons. Poor posture is linked with back pain, joint degradation, headaches, breathing difficulties, and low-quality sleep. A strong, natural posture, on the other hand, can help keep bones and muscles in alignment, decreases the wearing of joint surfaces, reduces the amount of unnatural stress on spinal muscles, and contributes to a confident, approachable appearance.

How can I improve my posture?
Improving your posture will take time and effort. While children tend to have naturally good posture, we tend to lose this as we get older. Slouching seems easier, takes less effort, and draws less attention to oneself.

However, if you’ve been suffering from back and neck pain or want to send a more positive statement to the world, the first thing you should do is visit a physiotherapist. A physio in Mooroolbark will be able to explain exactly how your current posture habits are putting additional strain on your body.

Posture is not just limited to how we stand. The way in which we walk, run, sit, and even sleep uses the same muscular groups and can have the same positive or negative effect on our health and wellbeing. A physio will observe your posture, diagnose any issues, and provide you with a tailored set of exercises that are designed to help improve the way you engage with your muscles and joints.

These exercises could include formal classes, like yoga or pilates. Or, they may be as simple as sitting in a chair and realigning your weight distribution.

The first thing many people notice about a person is their posture. Make a great first impression by visiting a physio in Mooroolbark to talk about your posture habits today.

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