Sonar Testing and Harm to Whales and Dolphins

There's an old adage that the environment is never saved it's just continually being saved. And the U.S. Navy's testing and training with high-intensity active sonar is a perfect example.

When it comes to the next five years of training and testing activities in Southern California and Hawaii, the Navy's not just up to its old tricks, it's moving forward with activities that, by its own estimate, will inflict an 11 fold increase over the harm the Navy estimated for its last five years of training. The National Marine Fisheries Service the agency charged with protecting whales and dolphins has authorized nearly 9.6 million instances of temporary hearing loss and significant disruptions of vital behavior, thousands of permanent injuries, and more than a hundred deaths. (Huffington Post, 1/27/14)

Can a Novel make an impact?

Read a book that depicts the impact on our world that this type of testing has on marine life and life on the planet before it becomes a major motion picture (movie rights have already been sold). I just finished reading this brilliant novel, The Emissary: A Novel, by Patricia Cori. The story is propelled from page one by several seemingly unrelated occurrences. Within minutes of each other, three events take place around the globe. In Los Angeles, hundreds of blackbirds drop out of the sky, zapped to their death, mid-flight. Simultaneously, on the East Coast, in Maine, residents awaken to find miles of beach covered in tens of thousands of dead fish. And in New Zealand, 150 whales and dolphins lay dead or dying, like gigantic boulders thrown from the ocean, on a resort beach. Overhead, a strange grid-like pattern in the clouds hangs low and menacing, over the desperate scene.

The Emissary packs a delicious adventure filled with intrigue and secrets and whisks you off on a ride that you don't want to get off. Through the story that unfolds it also invites all of us to look at the role we play in our evolving world. Through the fast-paced events that occur, deftly led by our heroine Jamie Hastings, readers are guided to become emissaries as well as sent on a very special mission that is born from author Patricia Cori's passion in the world. That mission for some may be to curl up in a chair, to give themselves a respite from life's demands, and get lost in the voyage of The Emissary. For others, the special mission becomes a journey of self-exploration, of appreciation of all creatures great and small, and an invitation to fully embrace our roles as ambassadors of our planet. It's a story of hope, dedication, and perseverance. But more, it's a story of love between a very special woman and those who create the songs in our waters. May we use the messages contained within The Emissary to help us ensure those songs continue forever. Christine Andrew, Enlightening Radio

The Emissary, a Novel by Patricia Cori Just released on March 2014.

About the Author

She's been called a real life Indiana Jones and a living model of the adventurous spirit and seeker within us all. Internationally acclaimed author Patricia Cori is one of the most well-known and established authorities on the realms of the mystic. In 2012, she founded the global nonprofit association Save Earth's Oceans, Inc., dedicated to restoring the balance of our fragile ocean ecosystems and saving the whales and dolphins from whaling, slaughter, and exploitation.

We have obviously reached a point where we can't simply turn a blind eye to what is happening to our oceans. If only the dolphins and whales could speak to us about what we have done to them in their habitat. I felt like this book does a good job of being that voice and helping each of us to wake up and realize it is our duty to become aware and involved in this battle.

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Pass it on and let's help raise awareness and hopefully gain more traction for this battle.

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