A lot of people around the world often wonder if a casual relationship can ever turn into a serious one. Casual relationship by its very definition means something that isn’t serious, but the wonderful thing about human beings is that we are unpredictable. Sometimes the heart yearns for what it wants and no amount of logic can change that. While it may feel a bit contradictory, you might never know how you find the “one” in your life. Sometimes in a casual relationship, things just click and you might want to take things to a more serious level. While it’s perfectly normal to feel so, you need to think about it a little before just diving in. After all you both got into it because you didn’t want anything serious.

One thing that often surprises everybody is how normal it is for a purely sexual relationship to change into a long lasting serious relationship. In most cases, it was found out that people are more easily able to commit to a serious relationship after understanding their partner on a sexual level. Sexual chemistry is pretty important for a relationship to work. You can view it as a more surface level need but the reality is that it is as important as emotional chemistry. A strong relationship is made on the strong groundwork of emotional and physical compatibility. One without the other often leads to problems down the line. So in many regards, a casual relationship is actually a strong foundation for a healthy, long lasting serious relationship.

Another unique thing to note amongst those who engage in purely sexual relationships is that they often end up wanting a serious commitment after spending sufficient time with their partners. Their sexual intimacy makes them comfortable enough to start understanding each other on an emotional level. In many ways, sex is a great ice breaker, because once you bare yourself to another individual; it’s easier for you to let them into who you are as a person. On a normal date, most people put up walls between them and the other person until they become comfortable with each other. In a sexual relationship however, no such wall exists.

Once you get comfortable with another person sexually, it’s easier for you to understand the other person. For one thing, you are clearly attracted to that person. After all you wouldn’t have sex with someone you’re not attracted to. Since both partners are sexually attracted to each other, it also becomes easier to compromise with one another and find middle ground when differences arise. Though there is still some stigma about casual sex in today’s world, the reality is that it is a great catalyst for a healthy long term relationship.

Here are some tips on how to take your casual relationship to a more serious level.

1) Know if your partner might be interested too
When you enter into a casual relationship with someone, you both agree to a short term sexual relationship. Now you might feel like taking things to a more serious level, but you have to know whether the other person feels the same way too.This is a delicate matter and so has to be addressed with caution and patience. Just like in traditional relationships, keep yourself grounded and give enough thought before diving in.

2) Spend more time together
If you want to transform your casual relationship to a more serious one, you need to take the initiative to spend more time with your partner. Don’t shy away from making more contact. This will help you to be closer to one another and it will also allow you to learn more about your partner. A casual relationship doesn’t have to be about sex all the time or be limited to only the bedroom. You can hang out with your partner like a normal couple does. Maybe take him/her out for some bowling or dinner? This also helps both of you to see each other from a completely different perspective. We might be one way in the bedroom but outside, we might be a totally different person. It’s important to know each other well before taking a big decision.

3) Be Open
Tell your partner how you really feel. You might end up in a scenario where your partner might not be interested in a serious relationship but there’s no point in hiding what you really feel. In most scenarios, your partner will be honest and tell you what his/her expectations are. Maybe they just need some time to figure you out? Maybe they want the same thing but something is stopping them? Only way to know is by communicating properly. Don’t worry about failing or fear the notion that what if he/she might stop seeing you. At the end of the day, it’s fairer and better for both to know where each other stands. You really don’t want to be in a casual relationship where you have to hide your feelings every time you are with them. It will end up slowly eating you alive.

The thing about transforming a casual relationship into a serious one is that it can never have any set rules or guidelines to follow. By its very nature, it is unpredictable and very individualistic. Some people can do it in a few days while others need months before they can get into a committed relationship. What works for some may not work for you. Just remember to always follow your heart and listen to your mind. You will find yourself being a much happier and wiser person.
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