Camtech Manufacturing FZCO established in 1999, the first API Credited valve manufacturing company among UAE , Middle East, and GCC, for product range of Ball Valve, Gate Globe Check ,Butterfly, through Conduit , Plug, Pig Valve & Choke valve in metallurgy such as Carbon Steel, Duplex and Supper Duplex size up to 56 inch , and pressure class up to 2500

Camtech is located in the South of Jebel Ali Freezone with total 260,000 Square feet of facility. With the guidance and visions of Managing Director Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary, plus the consistent approach of team efforts, we are now the world class first tier leading manufacturing enterprise in UAE with 170 plus employees serving various clienteles across Oil & Gas and Power Industries around the globle

Camtech’s Managing Director, Mr Dhananjay Choudhary has once addressed that"We at Camtech believe that success comes to those who have a broad positive vision and constructive courage to venture in to unexplored areas; we believe that our values, belief and ethics would help us to grow in our journey towards global leadership”, Camtech is a living entity which held together by the values we practiced and promote through the entire organizational set up.

In Camtech , we have proven our values and performance through the zeal to excel and zest for change, Integrity and fairness in all dealings, respect dignity of self and potential of individuals, strict adherence to commitments, ensuring instant response and reliable follow up , foster leaning, creativity and team work, finally our loyalty and price to the company and its goodwill

Camtech grows steadily yearly with international recognitions,we are never satisfied with existing performance and still seek for higher technology by investing in R&D Division and inventories to support the fast changing industrial macro-environment to reach the utmost satisfaction level of international project requirements. With current 140 plus manufacturing machines, proven Design, Eagle Eye Quality Methodology,perfect machining,and assembly, satisfactory test results, in time delivery; We ensure and enjoy absolute continuous customer trust for a long lasting relationship.

CAMTECH also takes up its own social sustainability for creating sustainable successful places that promote well being by understanding what people need from the places they live and work. Camtech engages in community services by contributing in donation programs, we believe strongly in humanity and bringing back the goods to the society.

Note: Camtech Manufacturing FZCO in Dubai deals directly to the clients so never fall prey to illegal and fraud agents. If you got it any Camtech manufacturing Fruad, Contact us.

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