“When the rain whispers through the pine forest, my tent is the ear of the world.”
- Michael McClintock.

Ah, Camping in the rain could either be fun or a nightmare. Things can get quite tricky and wet when we are left on the mercy of Mother Nature, and it all comes down to how well you are equipped and prepared.

This brief article brings you all the rain hacks you wish you knew earlier.

Weather forecast

The very first thing you need to consider is the weather forecast. It is a must to watch the weather forecast for the area you are going to camp before your departure. Please keep your eyes over it frequently, as weather conditions are uncertain and might change. Especially if you are going to camp in hilly areas, check back frequently because weather conditions are unpredictable in these mountain areas. Even if the weather is expected to be dry, you should still have rain gear with you. In this way, you can prepare yourself for a great camping experience even in rainy weather.

Place your camp on a high spot

Find the right tent site. One of the most important things you need to consider is finding a suitable location to place your tent. It may be attractive to camp near a lake but, you have to look for a higher ground as water runs downhill from a higher place.

Always look for a high place while setting up your tent because placing your tent at the bottom or a low lying area may cause temptations. Go and hike to find a high place for a memorable camping trip. An elevated place is best suited for setting up your camp, making visible the whole parameter, and assuring no accumulation of ponds due to rain around the camp and multiple other factors.

Grab your rain jacket and pants

Rain jackets and pants work wonder. You just need to grab your waterproof cloths along with you to deal with a rainy weather. Some other waterproof clothes that might be worth considering are some ponchos, brimmed hat, and waterproof shoes—ensuring that you have a complete plan to stay dry and enjoy. Having good quality raincoat can also help you to achieve these goals.

Bring tarps

The tarp is a camping essential. A tarp is a large piece of flexible, durable, and water-resistant material. Keeping a tarp along with your tent is the best method for you to extend your tent's life.

Moreover, even in dry weather, a tarp underneath your tent will provide extra protection from rocks, sticks, and other sharp materials found on the forest ground. So a tarp or a groundsheet is an essential piece of camping. Another hack for camping in the rain is the use of tarp above your tent to keep it extra-dry, especially if you are going to stay at the same spot for more than one day or one night. Always bring more than one extra tarp. You can also use this extra tarp to the bottom of your tent to stay dry. Never forget to bring a rope to hang up the tarp. You will be more than happy when these extra ropes come in handy.

Starting a fire

Starting a fire after it has rained can be a little difficult, but here are some tips that can make it an easy job for you. You will need dry woods. When expecting rain, keeping wood dry can be tough, so in this regard, one great way to keep wood dry is to place it under your car. Moreover, I would suggest you bring stormproof matches, which will help you get a better fire started easier than regular matches. And you can have a nape by sitting near the fire and enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature at night time.

Pick lots of plastic bags

In case you get caught in the rain, big black garbage bags and air-tight Ziploc-style bags will be lifesavers. They are lightweight and very easy to carry along with you. You may have medicines, food, and electronics that should not get wet, putting those things in a Ziploc bag is a great idea.

Avoid cotton cloths

You should bring such clothes which are design to wick moisture away. Bringing cotton cloths along with you on camping, is never a good idea. Especially when we are talking about Camping in the rain. Cotton clothes do not get dry easily and quickly, and during rain, it will become worse. Bring the clothes that do not get damp easily and get dry in seconds like nylon material dresses.

Waterproof shoes are another essential while camping in the rain

When rain is predicted, waterproof shoes are more important than you may think. Most of the time, we do not consider the discomfort of walking around in wet footwear, but after spending a whole day in it, you will regret it. So waterproof shoes or at least a pair of waterproof socks are the must-haves for camping in a rainy season. Ensuring you can enjoy your journey without any discomfort and to the fullest.

Dry your wet clothes

In case you bring cotton cloths that get damp easily and take much time to get dried. As you can’t throw your wet and damped clothes in a pile. Rather than throwing them, it’s a great idea to hang up your wet clothes and dry completely as soaked garments will end up smelling bad.

You can also use the newspaper by stuffing it in to wet cloths. It will help them dry out faster, even in wet weather.

Enjoy the rain

If you follow our camping in rain hacks, you will definitely enjoy your journey. You will be dry and super comfortable during rain or storm. Have you taken all the precautionary measures? That’s perfect!

Now it is time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature, woods, and rain.

Rain is a blessing, it’s beautiful, and it’s a rhythm.
Never miss the charm of nature and enjoy it to its full.

“Let the rain kiss you. Let
The rain beat upon your
Head with silver liquid
Drops. Let the rain sing.
You a lullaby.”
- Langston Hughes

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