Equal parts fun and memorable, camping can be the perfect hobby for a family to undertake together. Whether you have a toddler or a grown-up teenager, camping is an activity that is enjoyed by all ages. You can bond with your loved ones and connect together away from the hustle-bustle of daily life or technological distractions.

But, this may not always be the case if you don’t do your best to make it enjoyable for everyone involved. After all, who wants to stay bored in a secluded place?

Don’t worry though! We are here to your rescue. Check out our list of the top camping activities that would be perfect for kids and families.

Playing board games or outdoor sports

Go old school and take out board games the next time you go camping with your family. Monopoly, Scrabble, UNO, or Taboo–there are just so many board games you can play.

Try to have at least 5 to 8 board games that are age-appropriate and loved by your children. If you don't like board games, you can play outdoor sports like badminton, volleyball, or football. Just be prepared for lots of arguments, tantrums, and of course, lots of fun!

Go on a hike

Many campsites are beautiful natural places that have their own history to explore and discover. Since you are already going to be so close to Mother Nature, why not experience the marvelousness first-hand along with your family?

In fact, you can also go all out by carrying compasses, maps, and hiking gear to make it as organic as possible. While hiking, always makes a point to interact with your children a lot to make the prospect as thrilling as possible for them. For children below the age of 15, keep them close by and warn them from roaming about too freely.

Take out your paintball gun

If you and your family prefer a game that is more dynamic in nature, immediately invest in a paintball gun. If you ask us, paintball can be perfect for camping as you get a large space with the natural elements adding to the ‘war zone‘ factor.

Also, don’t forget to look up the internet for different paintball games that you can play once you reach the campsite. Our personal favorites include ‘Capture the Flag‘, ‘Predator versus Prey ‘, and ‘Total Elimination.’

Build a campfire

No camping activity is complete without building a campfire. It is a traditional ritual that every family must carry out – or at least should.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful as it does involve fire at the end of the day. You should keep toddlers and younger children away from the fire at all times while older children can have a more hands-on helping job.

Before leaving your home, make sure you have all the necessary supplies that would be needed in this case. This includes marshmallows, graham cracker squares, and chocolate bars for s’mores too!

Please refrain from using combustible liquids, especially lighter fluid.

Indulge in a story-telling or memory-sharing

All of us have had experiences in our lives to share – some absolutely hilarious, while some more meaningful. Or better yet, you can always recite your favorite horror stories to raise the fear factor. Basically, use the extra time to communicate with one another. This can be an excellent way to bond and brings together families and friends.

If you want to take this a notch further, you can try out a game called ‘Chain Story’. Here, one person will start a story building up to the plot. He or she will then pass the story around to the next person who will use their own creativity, and so on. This will go on and on until one person decides to end the story with a great ending. Trust us, it’s super fun!

Go canoeing

If your campsite has a clean lake, make the most of this opportunity by canoeing. Gather your family members and take out your canoe to spend a relaxing afternoon surrounded by cool water and fresh wind. However, before you do this, be sure that everyone has their life jackets on. Be mindful to check whether young children have been properly strapped in or not.

Play 'Two Truths and a Lie'

Another age-old game perfect for bonding, ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ can be an amazing way to pass time and have fun. As the name suggests, in this game one person will tell two truths about himself and one lie. The others have to guess which is which. Points are allocated on the basis of correct guesses.

Play water relay

If you like to camp during the summers, water relay really could be the perfect game to help you stay cool even under the hot rays of the sun.

Here, everyone makes a single line with one person at the front having a cup full of water while the others have empty cups. The one who has a full cup of water will pour the water over his head into the next person’s cup without turning around. The person who is receiving the water will try his best to catch as much water as he can and continue the chain. The game will end once the last person has got the water in his cup, or when the water is over. Finally, everyone runs to the very beginning to get first place.

Get musical with the family

No one can resist a good singing session.

With no one to judge and only family members around, everyone can sing to their heart’s content without worrying about going out of tune. If you have toddlers with you, you can even sing popular nursery rhymes to get them involved as well – teenagers can join in too!

So, take out your guitar, gather around the campfire, and get ready to give the best performance of your life.

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