In your Andalucia holiday villas and you’re wondering what you can do. With some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe fantastic beaches, the Sierras and mountain walks. If you feel a little more adventurous you could of taken a walk meant for Kings - but you seriously need a head for heights especially now. Unfortunately closed to the general public, and with security guards in places, the Camino del Rey (“Walk of Kings”) is so named because when King Alfonso XIII of Spain officially opened the walkway in 1921, he walked the specially built catwalks. Built for the workers at the hydroelectric power station, originally to give workers an easy and quick route between the lower reservoir through the gorge and then to the upper reservoir prior to the road. The pathway later fell into disuse and was no longer maintained, this pathway was built in 1906 but it’s now in such disrepair that it is certainly not something that someone with a modicum of intelligence would ever try.

There are a few people however that have what are often referred to as the thrill seekers gene and this is for them. Even with the main route onto the walk which follows from the La Garganta down the gorge with cave-like formations in the side of the mountain one of which turns into a tunnel as you follow the path through. This is where the beginning of the gorge is and where the concrete and iron walkway started. There is now a securely closed gate stopping people from entering, due to past deaths: one of the hazards of walking on dangerous routes and the general condition of the walkway. There are other ways in which people can and still do enter which involves the railway lines, another tunnel and some climbing. This is not a walk for the faint hearted or those fearful of heights. The concrete pathway is seriously corroded and the first part of the walk after the tunnel entrance has been demolished leaving a sheer rock face. Another reason for maybe not taking the walk is the fear of a 2000 Euro fine for anyone walking upon the remainder of the path, providing they reach the end to receive it, of course that may be a rumour to discourage walkers.

For the majority of us not prepared to take the training involved with climbing or who have no head for heights there is a very good video that follows the walk; you can find on YouTube. There are many walks less dangerous that the Camino del Rey and many guides to help you traverse them. If all you would like to see is the walk itself from a safe distance, then it’s easy enough to get to. Head to the village of El Chorro, drive across the lower dam into the village and take the track to the left before the railway station. Carry on past the camp site until you can drive no further where you will have to walk the last few hundred yards. The pathway takes you around a girder bridge; you will have to cross the railway here so take care when doing so. You might not have known but the Frank Sinatra film “Von Ryan’s Express” was filmed here.

While you’re here you might want to take some breathtaking views of the lakes on the other side of the dam. The lakes are huge so it wouldn't be difficult to find a good place to swim and sunbathe in the summer. Even on very busy days there are plenty of quiet places if you really want the solitude. A place where the most hardened owner of their Andalucia holiday villas should never miss.

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