Good food choice is one of the first steps toward healthier living. People committed to their nutrition can be dedicated to the other aspects of their life such as training, sleeping well, controlling anxiety and stress and time management. For better food choice, you will need to use a calorie counter. You can go for a mobile phone or computer's calorie counters, which you can download and use free.

Most shop-bought foods will feature the nutritional label on the packaging and therefore there is no need of counting the calories in them. The information appears on the "Energy" heading and in kcals (kilocalories) or in KJ (kilojoules). Kilojoule is another name for calories equivalent to 1,000kcals. The label informs you about the number of calories every 100 grams of the food or drink contains. With the information, you can compare the number of calories in various foods. Here are some of the reasons you will need a calorie calculator.

Better food choices

By keeping a journal or using your smartphone to track your meals, you will manage to make better food choices. You will be accountable for yourself and monitor your progress in a better way. You will be shocked by your progress after a few weeks of calories counting.

Learn the number of calories you can consume each day

Your calorie intake level highly depends on your activity level, weight, age, macronutrient percentages, and body type. For a healthier life, you should calculate your appropriate calorie goal. After getting the number of calories you should consume in a day, you should start reassessing the calories intake and burn. When counting calories, you should do it correctly to enjoy the benefits.

Eat smaller portions

Calorie control involves more than the diet restriction alone because it is about eating the right food and in the right proportion. Eating healthy throughout is hard, but you should always control the portion. With a calorie counter, you will manage to eat the right portions of food. A calorie calculator will help you pay closer attention to the serving sizes. You can limit your food portions and calories by avoiding take-out and processed foods. After you have logged your calories and food, the calorie counter will inspire you to limit the portion sizes and try different foods.

Achieve your weight loss goals

Perhaps, your main goal of counting calories is to shed the extra pounds. With a calorie calculator, you will easily monitor your food choices, the calories intake and start making better decisions. After calorie counting becomes part of your life, your weight loss goals will materialize. To achieve your goals, you just need to make healthy food choices.

Calorie counters are free

You will not pay any amount to count calories. Even more, you will not need to sign up for expensive weight loss plans or to get the 500-page eBooks or monthly subscriptions. You only need a mobile phone application and nutrition labels to start calculating your calories consumption.


If you have realized that you have been gaining weight rapidly, then you have been drinking and eating more calories than you lose. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume and continue that way for a longer period. You can combine good food choices with workouts for better results. A calorie counter will help you monitor your food choices.

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