Cheating on your diet already? Shame on you! We're a month into 2010 and many of you might have fallen off your diet resolution, and those of you who haven't are surely feeling deprived by now.

Experts say it is the first few weeks of a diet that are the hardest since the body takes about 4 to 6 weeks to adjust to a new regimen, so hang in there! It is in the initial stages of your diet that the temptation to succumb is the greatest and discipline, at this stage, will play a critical role.

Diet Discipline – A Few Tips

  • Drink plenty of water, and include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. A healthy drink mix can help to keep your energy levels up.
  • Be patient! Cravings for foods you used to eat will continue to stalk you for a few weeks. But in time, they will disappear. Keep telling yourself this.
  • Keep yourself busy. An idle mind, they say, is the devil's workshop and this is especially true for new dieters. Keep yourself occupied-volunteer your time in local humanitarian services; get a hobby; join a course you’ve always wanted to do. Engage the mind.
  • Track your progress. It helps to keep a daily entry of your progress on a chart. Seeing your progress in graphic display and seeing results of weight loss every week can become an incentive to build on.

Red Superfoods - Sweet and Nutritious Cheating!

No matter how sincerely you plan to keep your diet, you should have a contingency plan for those times when you really crave something sweet. Diet experts will tell you that if you have one of those intense cravings, it is best to cave in to those desires. Yes, it is true! Succumb to your temptation! If you are not meeting those sweet cravings, you're likely to start binging on everything else there is and wind up eating way too much and yet not feel satisfied.

  • A good way to fulfill your cravings for something sweet is by taking natural red superfood supplements. Ruby Reds, for instance, is made from more than 50 natural whole foods – strawberries, peaches, red currants, apple pectin, carrots, red raspberries, and more. These natural red superfoods will give you a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, natural enzymes and probiotics. Ruby Reds superfood is a condensed form of nutrition that will compensate for any lack of nutrients due to your diet program and quench your desire for something sweet. Ruby Red superfoods is just 30 calories a serving, and yet deliciously sweet! You can keep to your diet and still get a good dose of sweetness along with antioxidants and wholesome nutrition!
  • Add variety to your dieting. A delicious healthy drink mix or Ruby Reds superfoods can bring some excitement to your diet. Red superfoods like Ruby Reds are versatile. They can be added as a topping on low-fat desserts; blended into a healthy drink mix; Ruby Reds superfood can be eaten plain; added to Jell-O or other low-fat recipes to satiate your cravings for something special to brighten up your diet with mouth-watering sweetness!

No matter how healthy your diet is, eating less means you are most likely missing out on essential nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy and energetic. There's no need to fall back on your diet and it's okay to succumb to something that is as deliciously sweet as the Ruby Reds superfood, because it is just 30 calories a serving and full of dense red superfood nutrition. A red superfood like Ruby Reds is a safe and healthy option for times when you need a contingency plan to succumb to those insatiable desires for something sweet!

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