Working in fashion industry may not be as glamorous as it looks. Sure, we’ve all been enticed by the idea of free clothing and makeup, courtesy ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, but if you take a closer look, the movie very well lays out the toxicity of working for a fashion magazine or brand. We’ve all heard horror stories of employees being bullied by their bosses. In fact, research shows that almost 75 per cent people face bullying or harassment of some sort at their workplace.

This is a whopping number, coming especially from modern day companies that vow to take a different approach to management. While the millennials have pushed older brands to accept newer norms like paid maternity and paternity leaves, flexible hours and remote working, the start-ups and millennial brands are expected to follow that very work culture implicitly, as they claim to strive for equality on the whole.

With numerous committees in corporations now looking into
harassment and complaints for the benefit of employees, why is the culture of bullying still so strife? Does that expose a deep-seated fault in the way we perceive fashion and fashion companies? Does working in fashion industry require a milieu of looking down on those who might not perfectly fulfil the unrealistic “criteria” mete out by these companies? These are the questions that need to be asked in order to get ahead.

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