Call center solution is an amazing invention made by the VoIP companies. It is made up of a wide array of features to help call centers and companies to take the benefit of the automated and enhanced calling. Different vendors provide different types of call center solutions . In this article, I will talk about the types of call center software based on the operations of the call centers. Read on to know about the top 3 types of call center solutions that are categorized based on the types of operations performed by the call centers or companies.

1. Inbound call center solution

It is a call center software that can be used to receive calls from customers, prospects, and other people. The agents will receive the call based on different criteria and provide quality calling services. The inbound call center software solutions usually focus more on the features related to call routing. Of course, there are more features available in this type of call center solution, but the call routing features are more focused on it. The reason is the call routing strategies define the success or failure of the call or how efficiently the call will be handled. This type of call center is generally used in customer care and support services.

2. Outbound call center solution

This call center software is useful in the call centers that run outbound calling campaigns. It means this type of call center software focuses more on those features that can help in maximizing the efficiency of calling and let agents reach the maximum number of calls. The most emphasis given in the outbound call center solution is on its dialer features. Some of the must have call center dialers to increase the efficiency of the outbound call center are auto dialer, preview dialer, progressive dialer, power dialer, manual dialer, etc. The outbound call center software is perfect for the companies that want to run lead generation campaigns.

3. Blended call center solution

The blended call center software comes with all features available in the inbound and outbound call center software. The blended call center solutions usually run different campaigns that are inbound and outbound, both. Thus, it is known as blended call center solutions. The major use of this type of call center software is in the big BPO houses and call centers in which both types of calling campaigns are running at the same pace. Some campaigns are in progress to make sells and some are running to provide required customer support to the customers that have already purchased items, but facing some issues.

These are the three different types of call center solutions. Generally, modern day call center solutions come with all features to run inbound and outbound campaigns. However, the main thing to give attention to is that some call center software may have some features and some may have others. Based on the nature of the campaigns to be run in the call center, the company needs to look for specific features.

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