Customer support is part of job in some companies and in some companies, it is the main offering. There are various types of customer support services available in the market such as, technical support, logical support, etc. Often to provide customer support services, companies use different types of software. Some of the most commonly used software is listed below:

1. Call center solution
2. CRM system
3. Live chat software
4. Help desk ticketing system

Out of these 4 solutions, the call center software and CRM system are majorly used in the companies and there is one powerful solution which can be created by the integration of both of these solutions. The professional call center CRM integration services, integrate these 2 solutions in a way that the companies can use both of these solutions within a single system. The call center CRM integration can integrate any type of call center solution and CRM software and after integration a single sign on is enough to access both of these huge solutions.

The companies don’t need to settle with a few basic features instead of that they can use two powerful solutions as a single system.

The call center CRM integration is really useful in case of customer support because during the live call, the agent can see the customer record stored in the CRM system and fetched into the call center solution. This way, the agent can give more personalized information to the customer. This helps in reducing the call wrap up time quickly. The customers can get answers to their queries within a few minutes and they can get back with a smiling face, which is the most important thing in any customer support center.

The call center CRM integration also reduces the tedious job of moving back and forth to locate information about the customer and frustrate him more by keeping him on hold while agent look for the information. Now, agents have everything in front of them, call controls of the call center software as well as lead information from the CRM system. This simplifies the task of the support engineer or agents. That is why they can boost their morale with quick answers and more positive closures during the day.

The call center CRM integration is also useful to keep records up to date in the company. The call center CRM integration introduces automation in data management. It means any changes made in a database of one system automatically get applied in another system. This way the agent or customer support engineer needs to make changes in any one system and another system will be updated on its own. This will save a lot of time of the agents and company. This time can be used in handling more customers or learning about better customer service techniques.

This is it! All information about the call center CRM integration for a customer support center or department is available to you. As one can see, it is one of the most beneficial investments as it delivers the best ROI to the support centers.

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Mehul shah works in a company which offers call center CRM integration, VICIDial Zoho integration, VICIDial vTiger integration, call center Zoho integration, etc.