A few years ago, only call centers and BPOs used to use the call center software. However, this is not the case anymore. Call center solution is a widely used solution in almost all industry verticals these days. Almost all scaled businesses use call center solutions to generate new leads and to nurture existing customers. It means telemarketing and customer care services can be provided using this software solution. Often businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) solution as an additional software in the day to day operations. This solution is used to store detailed information about the customer, including, his buying habits and history, billing pattern, etc. If any business is not using this solution, it must start using it.

The call center CRM integration is the process of integrating call center software and CRM solutions with each other. This integrated solution benefits businesses in multiple ways and they must use this system to manage customers more effectively. Read on to know more about it.

The call center software is necessary for visionary businesses that want to run telemarketing campaigns to generate more sales for products or services as well as it is important for businesses that want to make sure their customers are happy with their services and products. It helps saving time of the resources which get wasted while using traditional telecommunication solution. The call center solution saves time by calling prospects and passing the call to the customers or receiving and routing the customer. These are the top ways the call center solution is used by businesses.

The CRM solution keeps trails of the customer from the very first step when an executive contacted the customer until ongoing services.

The call center CRM integration integrates call center software and CRM solution. Once the call center solution and CRM software are integrated, the executive can see the CRM pop up in the call center software. This can be used to refer to the information of the customer to cater to him or her in a personalized manner. For example, if the customer likes to pay with a credit card and if the call is to help the customer to make the monthly payment, the executive can prompt him, “Would you like to pay with your credit card like every time you do?”

The executive can also make changes in the CRM popup shown in the call center solution. These changes will be reflected in the CRM solution automatically. Thus, executives will not need to make entries in both solutions. This will save the time of executives that may get wasted in data entry.

Data can also be pushed from one system to another. For example, if new prospect lead list is added in the CRM solution, then this list can be pushed in the call center software so the call center dialer can dial those leads one by one.

There are many other ways this integration harmonize these two solutions. The companies should consider benefit of using call center solution and CRM software and integrate both of them.

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Mehul Shah works in a company that offers call center CRM integration, VICIDial vTiger integration, call center solution, CRM solution and other systems for businesses.