There are many companies, call centers, KPOs and BPOs that use the call center solution to take care of their inbound and outbound calling campaigns. Also, they use the CRM system to take care of lead management. The Call Center CRM Integration is a service that integrates both of these systems in a way that it provides collective functionalities. It means once the CRM system and call center solution is integrated with each other, the businesses can use the major functions of both of these solutions within a single sign on aka window. It is indeed a powerful tool as the agents or executives don’t need to waste time in switching back and forth between these two systems. Also, they don’t need to waste time on making same entry of lead in two different systems. Along with these, there are many functional capabilities which get enhanced with the call center CRM integration.

Lead synchronization

Once the call center CRM integration is performed, the need of maintaining the same user record in both systems gets eliminated. This task gets synchronized. It means whatever change you make in the lead record in any one system will automatically reflect in another system. It means if you will add a customer record in the CRM system, it will get added in the call center solution automatically; if you edit the details of the customer within the call center solution during a live call, and that detail will be added in the CRM system automatically. You can imagine the accuracy of the data you will get with this solution. Moreover, the time will be saved by 2x times.

List and Campaign synchronization

In the call center solution, agents or executives often create a list for the campaigns. The CRM call center integration will make sure the lead list created in the call center reflects in the CRM solution as well. It means the contact grouping will be identical in both of these solutions.

Click to call and call controls
The Call center CRM integration includes a functionality which adds click to call feature within the CRM system. It means the executive or agent can directly make a call just with a single click within the CRM system. He doesn’t need to use the call center solution for the same. Moreover, he gets a call center dialer within the CRM system so he can perform actions like, call transfer, mute, hold and retrieve, etc.

Lead record display

The call center CRM integration also provides a functionality of lead popup. When a call is connected via call center solution a popup window appears with all information of the customer/prospect, which is fetched from the CRM solution. It means the agent or executive can see all information of the lead to provide a personalized experience.

These are the top 4 advanced features of call center CRM integration. You can integrate any open source or third party CRM and call center solution to achieve many related benefits.

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