Call blast feature of the contemporary phone systems is one of the most profligate, calm and inexpensive methods to instantaneously notify a large group of contacts about any new introduction to a product or service. No matter whether you need to send emergency alerts, School holiday notices, airlines timetables changes, product recollection notices, or confirmation of particular services, this feature is the perfect means to influence your target clients instantly and competently. The use of Hosted PBX systems for the small business organizations has made it feasible for business firms of any size to maintain such system that can be easily customized and is easy to use as well.

The environment provided by the hosted communication systems is such that no physical equipment needs to be installed at your office premises. You can manage all the digital calling through a simple software based system for communication. Call Blast feature can be integrated with your client database to pick up the list of numbers from there and call to various locations. These calls can also lead to efficient utilization of the lines and channels that have been allotted to them for their use. However, it is essential to maintain the provision for the incoming calls as well. This is why Hosted PBX VOIP allows you to maintain separate lines for each and configure them with different numbers so that your network bandwidth is also efficiently utilized.

Configuration of the call blast feature can be easily done through the technical team of the Hosted PBX providers. All you need to provide from your end is just an excel file of the contacts that you intend to notify. However, it is essential to take care that you mention a 10 digit number along with the area code in order to avoid any mistakes in calling. When calls are made to a client or potential customers, there is an automated message that gets played through the IVR feature and the clients can choose from the available options if there are any. Care should be taken that these messages are short and reach to the main offer as soon as possible since it often happens that clients disconnect the call without even listening to the message.

What benefits can call blast feature offer to your business?

• Clients can be informed about any new enhancements or new introductions

• Multiple calls can be made to clients at one time

• Manual effort is saved and the taskforce can be deployed to a better work domain

• The recording can also be customized to make business at the selection of certain options

• Better client awareness of your product or service

• Low cost calling without effort of dialing hundreds of numbers through the list

The use of Hosted PBX services has introduced communication or business interaction as a privilege to the small business organizations. This business phone has brought about a revolution in the way small business firms used to interact with their clients. Now, they can also use the features that are used by the large business organizations and they can continue to make their efforts in projecting a large business image by serving their clients in a timely fashion. Call Blast feature has made this all the more easy. Client feedback about the services can also be automated through this feature. The clients can rate your services and in case any complaints or suggestions exist, they may be recorded as saved as voicemail. Thus, call blast service can benefit your business efficiently.

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