Suspension problems in a truck can sometimes be difficult to determine. Though there are certain signs that determine the problem, identifying the source of the problem can take quite some time. 

Several problems can cause suspension failures. These include struts, worn out or faulty shocks, springs, ball joints,etc. During suspension failures driving your truck can be very unsafe.

Though wear and tear are the most common problem, you need to pay attention to how the vehicle handles the wearing and tearing because if there is a problem with the suspension, the possibility of an accident increases. This is the reason why mechanics look for truck suspensions in Erskine Park to repair damaged suspension from vehicles.

Among the many causes, a minor accident can also damage the suspension system of a truck. It might not show up at the beginning, but later it can slowly grow into a significant problem.So it is best if you do not ignore the issue and get the repair done by a mechanic on time.

Let us now take a look into some of the other issues in the suspension system which needs to be fixed immediately if they are noticed to avoid accidents.


  • Truck Pulls to One Side


One of the most common problems of the suspension systems is pulling to one side while driving. It can be sometimes difficult to determine as this may seem like an issue with the tyres.

If the tyres are not aligned properly,you can notice this pulling as a result of which it not only becomes difficult to steer the truck but also leads to increased fuel consumption. Some other reasons for this pulling effect are irregular pressure of the tyres or they are worn out. Sometimes problematic steering rack, tie rods, or a stuck brake caliper can also cause this problem.

Since these problems do not show up immediately, you can infer that something might be wrong with the suspension systems and it is time to call a truck mechanic in Eastern Creek.


  • A Bumpy Experience


If you experience frequent bumps while driving your truck, it is time to replace the struts or the shocks. When the truck bounces on every bump, chances are you have got suspension problems and you need a mechanic to inspect the problem.

In most cases, the mechanic will recommend a bounce test when the vehicle is parked. If your vehicle does not pass the test, the struts or the shocks need to be replaced.

When the shock absorbers malfunction the vehicle feels bumpier. These absorbers are filled with a fluid to dampen the bouncing and due to a leak, the absorbers will eventually fail. A mechanic will inspect and replace the truck suspensions in Erskine Park so that the vehicle no longer feels bumpy.

Sometimes, problems in the leaf springs can also cause the bouncing. If the leaf is busted,it can lead to frequent bumps. If you see that the truck is at the same level even when there is weight at the rear, the leaf spring is malfunctioning.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a truck mechanic in Eastern Creekwho is an expert in repairing suspensions in trucks and providing maintenance guides to the drivers.