Calendula oil is extracted, by steam distillation, from the petals of the calendula flower, otherwise known as pot marigold. This bright yellowish-orange colored flower consists of twelve to twenty different kinds of perennial or annual plants. After the petals have been steeped and infused, usually with olive oil, a golden-orange colored oil remains.

How is calendula oil beneficial? This oil offers antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin regenerative properties. It is a natural, soothing and pain-relieving moisturizer. It has many skin care benefits and is used for all ages, from babies to adults.


Antiseptic & Antimicrobial: Helpful to quickly heal wounds, minor cuts, insect bites, bed sores and acne.

Anti-fungal: ringworm, jock itch and Athletes foot.

Anti-inflammatory: spider veins, varicose veins and leg ulcers.

Antibacterial: reduces spread of bacteria; helpful for acne relief.

Soothes, Moisturizes, Relieves Pain: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, dry itchy skin, chapped skin, cracked skin, rashes, diaper rash and chilblains, (a painful condition caused by exposure to cold and humidity that damages the capillary beds in the skin. It is often confused with frostbite or trench foot.)

Skin Regenerative & Other: Helps increase collagen levels, aids in diminishing scars, reduces fine lines or wrinkles, helps repair acne scars, gentle for delicate or sensitive skin and offers, overall, healthful skin.


How is calendula oil used? You can find this oil in many commercial or homemade skin care products, such as lotions, ointments, soaps, salves, creams, natural cosmetics and more! It is often used as base oil in massages for aromatherapy benefits. This oil can be directly applied to the skin, but should be tested on a small area first. As with any oil, caution should be used to avoid any allergic reactions.

When making homemade soap, the petals of the calendula plant are infused into a vegetable oil, such as olive or almond oil. There is no need to use much of this soap making oil, for it to be beneficial. In your homemade soap recipes, just add up to 10% of your total oils at the beginning of your soap making process. Shelf life of this soap making oil is approximately one year. Saponification values, converted to ounces, equal 0.134 oz. NaOH, (homemade bar soap), and 0.1888 KOH, (homemade liquid soap).

Calendula oil offers a variety of healthful benefits and can be used in many ways. It is found in commercial and homemade skin care products. It is used for all ages, from babies to adults. Discover its beautiful skin benefits today!

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