In recent days, a calculator app is a basic software that you will get with your phone. But using that calculator, you cannot do any critical math. Thus, developers of different operating systems develop advanced software for better user experience. If you are an android phone user, you should read this post carefully. Because I am going to list the top 5 calculator apps for the android phone. This will help you find the perfect apps for you and allows you doing critical math using your phone.

List of Top 5 Best Calculator Apps

Calculator Plus: Calculator plus comes with a very simple userinterface to help you doing complex math. You will find all the necessary features of the scientific calculator as well. You can easily download this app from the Google Play Store. It is one of the most popular calculator apps for its simplicity of use. Anyone can operate this calculator and this app is super-fast for faster coding language used.

MyScript Calculator:MyScript Calculator is a more advanced calculator that allows you to draw the calculation on your mobile screen and it will convert the drawing into digits to provide the best result. This is really useful for people to do any calculation conveniently.MyScript Calculator is free software that you can download without paying a single penny. The developer added some unique feature on this calculator to increase user attraction to this calculator.

Google Calculator: You will find the most convenient calculator for your phone is Google Calculator. We all know the quality of Google. So, Google Calculator is developed with lots of features. You can easily get the Calculator Apps from the Google Store. You can do any kind of basic calculations as well as scientific calculations. Google gradually add new modules to their calculator and you will find all the important features available in this calculator.

Calculator + +: If you are searching a calculator app with copy-paste support. You can check the features of Calculator ++ as this app comes with some unique features. This calculator supports multi-digit and performs the calculation really fast. This has basic and advanced mode available that helps to do basic maths as well as engineering maths. So, you can use this calculator for its vast range of use. Also, its simple design attracts people a lot. Like other calculator Apps, this one is free as well. You can download it from play store.

Calcu: Calcu is a most popular calculator for its customizable features. You can easily change themes and option that required to perform any math. You can select a few necessary options and use them regularly. This will ensure the proper use of your calculator for sure.

Final Words: I listed the top 5 best calculator app that you can download from Google Play Store in your android mobile. Most of the people nowadays use an android phone. So, it will help them to get perfect calculator app for their phone. You can pick the right one based on your necessity.

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