Life Insurance

The policy holders aren’t generally well informed about their premium breakups and exclusions and plan differences in the same. The insurance holders do not take the stress of comparing similar plans to make the best insurance choice for their families.

The Insurance calculators are designed specially to help you better while planning to buy a plan. It calculates the monthly premium that has to be paid by you. They are easy to use and are helpful to help you plan your term insurance. It also helps you determine how much you want your family to get after your demise.  

Premium calculation gives a lot of clarity on the premiums and the price breakup. Also, it aids you to compare between plans and choose the best sum assured for your family to give them a hope of the meeting their future financial goals in your absence. Different investing individuals have different requirements and different lifestyles. Moreover, they also have varied future goals for themselves and their families. For eg: A 30-year-old married male nonsmoker has different prospects of life for him and his family. He might want to plan for the educational and marriage expenses of his kids. Wherein, a 30-year-old male who is a smoker may have different goals than usual. He plans for his old parents who are his dependents and safeguard their interests in his absence since; he is a chain smoker and also a frequent adventure traveler. His agenda of buying a term life insurance is the make a source of income for his parents to meet their living expenses and meet expenses of any expected uncertain event.

Benefits – Insurance premium calculator

It is exactly what you need when you are confused between plans and what fits your requirements. Premium calculators work for you by helping you differentiate and understand the plans better to fit your needs.

Few benefits that insurance calculator has to offer is explained below:

  • Time saver: An insurance premium calculator helps you to save on time and decide your plan. To get the quotes you do not need to submit any documents in hardcopy proofs, and in less than 5mins you get your best insurance plan without any insurance agent’s help. 
  •  Examine different plans: Premium insurance calculator is the only online tool provided by the online insurance aggregators in India that allows you to compare your Insurance plans from various insurance companies on a single platform.
  • Cost efficient: Many Insurance companies now prefer to bring their customer to the online platform to easily educate them about products and exciting new discounts and get additional benefits. Now, once you decide your plan your insurance calculator you can easily compare it with similar other plans and save that extra bit on price.

Steps to calculate your life insurance premium:

Make the best life insurance plans choice to secure your family by online life insurance premium calculators. Below is the detailed procedure to compare your plans and the best insurance choice:

#Step I:

 Register all your personal details that are asked for age, gender, DOB, annual income, marital status, the number of children (if any), life cover and etc. Additionally, you may be asked about smoking habits

#Step II:

Next, you will also be needed to enter the corpus amount you want to assure and for the number of years along with mentioning how you want to get the money, whether as monthly income or a one-time lump-sum payment. Click and see your suitable plans.

#Step III:

Now the insurance calculator will show you some good insurance plans that suit the best to your requirements that you have given and then you can make systematic comparisons between plans. Hence, cover your life and secure family by choosing the best plan.

After a thorough research on the plans and their premiums, it is a lot easier to choose your term life insurance plan. The cognitive premium calculation and plan comparison benefits are long term. Therefore, make the best use of your insurance premium calculator as to save on time and the extra money you spend to decide your best plan keeping in mind the premium amount you wish to pay and the corpus you have decided to invest in your insurance plan. No longer than a 5mins process of choosing your term plan after using online insurance premium calculator. It is the most accurate and easy to access tool for comparing the plans and get your quotes.

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