It’s that time of the year again. It’s Christmas time! This is the season of festivals which is filled with the spirit of enthusiasm brought in by this month of December. This holiday season is packed with good cheer and joyful decorations. It would be hard to deny but everyone loves Christmas.
A time to spread love, joy, and happiness. What’s better than singing Christmas carols, decorating the Christmas tree, unwrapping Christmas gifts, dressing up in sparkly red attire, and above all binging onto that Christmas cake. Who else doesn’t want to keep aside all those worries and binge eat Christmas cakes, after all, they are mouth-watering? arent they?

Christmas without Christmas cake is like thanksgiving without turkey, the 4th of July with no apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas. No one would want such Christmas. not even Joey!
Christmas cakes are a delight, scrumptious enough to make you gain those extra pounds. Let’s explore some of those scrumptious Christmas cakes ;

Red velvet
It is known for being “ the queen of all layer cakes”. It’s filled with that extra layer of red-tainted buttermilk and vanilla garnished with little cocoa. Its texture is enough to make your mouth savor and soft enough to make you lick your fingers.
Red tainted savory bread with white creamy frosting topped with little sprinkles is best suited for Christmas. It slips flawlessly and is silky smooth. What’s better than to savor on a red tainted buttery vanilla cake jammed with white creamy frosting on a Christmas?

It is quite famed for being a delighting Desert. But in the last few years, this soft - smooth cake has made its way up to everyone’s hearts. No one has been able to resist the taste of this cake which is filled with cheese and has a bouncy texture. The layers are filled with sweet cheese that could easily slip your hands while the crust is crispy and the upper - layer could be frosted with jam, red- berries, or even chocolate syrup.
It is one of the bounciest and soft cakes. you would be amazed to know that they aren’t even baked but mostly refrigerated. This Christmas bring in that bouncy- cheesy flavor on your table.

Chocolate truffle
The heavenly taste of this chocolate cake is hard to resist. As it’s savored with chocolate-flavored with chocolate cream on the top. The blast of chocolate flavor in the mouth is irresistibly delicious. These cakes are perfectly curated for chocolate lovers.

It’s an elegant choice for any occasion and what’s a better occasion than Christmas. As its rightly said, “ chocolate is happiness that you can eat “. This could be your choice this Christmas. Fill your tables with chocolate this year and you won’t regret it.

Pineapple cake
One of the most basic and elegant choice. it’s widely eaten and acknowledged due to its seamless texture and exquisite taste that will make your tongue tingle for more and more. It adds a bubbly touch and the best thing about pineapple cakes is their balanced taste - which is neither too sweet nor too tangy. It’s perfectly bouncy and any frosting tastes amazing with it.
Think of the weirdest frosting and combine it with pineapple, it would still turn out to be amazing. This feasibility of pineapple cake to easily combine with any flavor makes it stand-out and is still chosen by most people.

Plum cake
Widely known as a “Christmas cake”. Plum cakes have been traditionally tagged as Christmas cakes in India. They are primarily made up of dried fruits such as currants, raisins, or prunes. They are also prepared using fresh fruits which is why they are also quite famous as “fruitcakes”. It could be frosted with cream cheese or drizzle with it condensed milk which enhances its taste and sweetness.
They are also pocket- friendly and are considered to be a classic Christmas cake. its bombarded with dried grapes, fruits, and nuts. These moist cakes are full of flavor and perfect to enjoy on Christmas eve.

Walnut and coffee cake

This sweet and rich expresso cake enriched with crunchy walnuts. This wholesome and bouncy cake is well-suited with the natural taste of coffee makes it suitable for ones who have a knack for coffee. The Winter season combined with the aroma of coffee beans and walnut that too in a cake makes it the perfect choice for Christmas.

Cakes are not just limited to birthdays. They have widened their specter and have become a mandatory sweet for almost every festival. They stand out because they are distinctive decorations and are mouth-savoring.

As rightly said,“ happiness is a piece of cake.”

Let us make this Christmas a little sweet with some of these mouths watering cakes. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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