CakePHP is one of the most popular frameworks for PHP. It is an open source web application framework written in PHP. It uses commonly known design patterns like, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller MVC and Active Record. It enables a structured framework that allows PHP to develop a robust application without loss of flexibility. It is widely preferred by developers for building unique and flexible web applications.

It is also popular because of continuous updation reassuring its presence. It is here to stay for a long time. Recently an updated version has been announced CakePHP 2.3.0 beta. It is packed full of features with security proponents.

It is preferred for developing websites as it is extremely easy to use. It does not involve writing of complex codes, which is time consuming. The advantage of this framework is code lines can be simplified and reduced as per the requirement. In addition, it offers fast development and handy approach. There are many other benefits of using this framework for application development some of these are:

  • CakePHP offers dependability and support to developers in terms of coding
  • Easy to learn and takes less time
  • Easy to install and operate software tools
  • Management of content
  • Multiple language options
  • It can also be used for e-commerce and blog sites
  • Enhances controller functionality

There is a wide range of services to be offered via this platform. To utilize the features of this framework, it is necessary for businesses to look out for expert developers. Experts in this domain would be able to provide a fully equipped web solution to open new horizons for your business. These days depending upon your requirements tailored solutions are provided across the globe. While hiring professionals, you need to look for these services:

  • Highly user friendly and functional website
  • Content management as and when required
  • Promotional banners and images
  • Flexibility to customize as per the requirement
  • RSS feed, newsletter subscription, etc
  • Integration with social networking tools
  • CSRF and form tampering

The above mentioned services would help business to reach out their target audience effectively. Utilizing CakePHP for developing website and applications would help promote businesses in the most effective manner.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and match industry standards, hire professional developers who provide a full fledged business solution using CakePHP for web application development.

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