When managing a company like Internet Cafe, regardless of whether it's a big Internet Cafe or tiny one, having the appropriate software is really a must. As you are facing lots of continuing risks from hackers and non sophisticated consumers, safeguarding your company is vital. Two most important programs that you can invest in a business are the billing and management software.

Two of the most significant challenges that an owner of an Internet cafe would be facing are:

1. Actual selling of usage time of your Internet Cafe computers along with controlling them and

2. Securing your computers from possible threats such as malicious users, and other people who is not that knowledgeable about using computers. They might change any configurations you set for your computers or they might damage your computer by visiting those sites or running software that aren't that secure.

If possible your cafe software should offer a few basics such as ability to bill the customer for time they use at your computer. This is an important attribute which is reliant on whether you are offering pre-paid time or “on the fly” where the client will pay for time used once it has been calculated. Some programs allows you to configure unlimited number of point of sales (Time, Snacks, Printing etc.) making your billing easier.

In busy cafe it's simply impractical to run around after customers and calculating just how much each one has to pay. It may even be more impossible if you have computers located at another room. This will disturb your concentration and overall control in running your main business. You also don't want to hire someone to watch over each of your computers either.

Another huge aspect is security. You can get all sorts of people in your cafe using your computers. Imagine if some of them will open up web sites with racy pictures on them and leave it and then some kid will come up and watch it. You might face case from this kid’s parents. You need to filter everything that happens on your computers.

Some helpful pointers:

Offer a basic set of Office applications, there are a couple of free ones which you can install like Open Office for example. This will let your clients to open Word or Excel documents and PDF files. Clients will do more on your computers, and take more time, therefore making you more money. An easy imaging application besides the one supplied with standard operating systems enables clients to open photos, and print them, making income from the printing. In my online lessons I also make information on which ones to use.

Major plug-ins like Flash, Shockwave, and Real Player are important. Install them beforehand, so your clients will not even try to install anything themselves. This will also help secure your system, because nobody will try to install anything, you don't want. In my free online course, I am going to offer you a list as well.

Make sure that the printer, scanner (in case you have connected it) and CD writer software (if you let your clients to burn CDs and DVDs) is installed on all the computers and is the same for every system. If you ensure the software on all of the systems is similar, maintenance will be much easier.

Having a system restore program installed on all the computers in your cafe is also essential. If you happen to have a system crash, you'll be able to get your system in ten minutes or less, which is a huge deal.

Installing anti-virus program on each of your computers is also one of the most important things that you ought to consider for your cafe. This will secure your computers from virus infection, malware and spyware that may cause damage. You'll find lots of free anti virus packages and there are a couple of them that are really good. Usually you do not need anything more than that. I am also giving recommendation on where you can get a version of those in my online course.

Install and configure a firewall on all computers as part of your cafe software to make sure that your computers are secured from any probable threats caused by hackers. Firewall tracks all incoming and outgoing network traffic when you're online and only let those trusted connections.

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