There are many destinations that you can choose to go on vacation. If you are interested in Mexico there are places like Mexico City, Acapulco and Cancun. They all have something great to offer you on your vacation. One place you are sure to have a good time though, is Cabo San Lucas. This is one of the most beautiful areas around, with natural rock arches that you can visit. The beaches are unbelievable and there is plenty of entertainment. You won’t be able to find such a fantastic destination for such good prices. This is a vacation that you will be able to afford. You really cannot go wrong with a Cabo vacation.

You can go to a resort, hotel or villa when you come to Cabo to visit. There are many places to stay that have balconies overlooking the sea. With a little luck and the help of some binoculars you have a real good chance of seeing whales swimming out in the sea. This is a favorite destination for them too. They migrate through the seas around Cabo at certain times of the year. You can swim in Cabo year round. The temperature of the water is always warm. The air temperature is always perfect. Rarely will you get a cold day in Cabo.

If you are active and want something to do there is plenty to keep you busy. If you are a night owl you may like to visit the bars and listen to different music. You will find a large selection of music styles including some local sounds. The locals in Cabo are friendly and look forward to vacationers. Try your hand at speaking the language. The locals will love that you attempted to speak to them in their own language.

There is much more to Cabo than bars. The restaurant scene is super. You will find cuisine from all over the world here. You can eat Italian one night and Mexican cuisine the next. You should consider trying the restaurants even if your trip is all-inclusive. You will definitely want to try some traditional Mexican food. There is no sense going to Mexico if you aren’t going to try their food!

You can take a submarine ride around the peninsula and see what swims in the water. Maybe you would like a trip on the glass bottomed boat. It is another way you can gaze into the underwater world. There are a lot of activities you can do that involve the water. You really should consider going snorkeling and checking out the reefs in the area. There is great snorkeling that the entire family can enjoy. You may like to dive and Cabo offers some wonderful diving areas. The local tours will even teach you how to dive if you never have before. It only takes a few days to get certified as a diver. That means you can enjoy the dive sites on your own if you want.

If you have a daring side you should go para-sailing. You will find locals all around the area that will take you. You will get an unbelievable view of the peninsula and the beautiful beaches while para-sailing.

Some people prefer to stay on dry land. They don’t want to get their feet wet. If you are one of these people there is horseback riding that will take you on the lovely beaches. You can take horseback rides into the towns to peruse the shops and other buildings. You should tour the towns that make up Cabo. You will see a different world than ours. Gaze at the beautiful churches and the adobe homes. See how different areas of the town look completely different. Shop at the craft markets where the locals make the items they sell. It is the perfect place to get your souvenirs and gifts for friends.

There are golf courses that are world class. While your spouse is playing golf you can go to the spa and have a relaxing massage. Enjoy all the wonders that a spa has to offer. You deserve to pamper yourself. You are on vacation after all. There are plenty of other things that you can do in Cabo as well. Cabo really is the perfect destination for your vacation.

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Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa is a family owned resort with 140 custom built suites, 3 onsite restaurants, a 6,000 square foot spa, and spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez.