When you decide to change your kitchen cabinets, you have to check for a cabinet maker Toronto. Nowadays have lots of ideas and various types of methods on how to make kitchen cabinets. If you are checking for the trend of 2019 for applying to your kitchen, Unica Concept has the solution. The perfect one is matte kitchen cabinets.

As cabinet maker Toronto, we recommend matte kitchen cabinets for several reasons. For example, fingerprints, scratches and other imperfections are far less noticeable than on gloss-finish doors. Depending by color, style or the material, we will create a kitchen which adapted with your tendencies.

As Cabinet Maker Toronto we are telling you the reasons why the matte kitchen cabinets are trending for 2019:

The first thing is because they are trendy. At the moment the interest for the matt finish on kitchen cabinets is growing, and in the design of the kitchen, it is best for the surfaces of this finish, looking for the difference after years of the dominion of the shine.
Another interesting reason is that it leaves no traces. Matt materials are more resistant to fingerprints and everyday dirt than glossy ones. Since they reflect little or no light, no imperfections can be seen at first glance and the fingerprints are not marked. Also, are easier to clean.
A professional cabinet maker Toronto knows how important is the comfort in the kitchen. The matte kitchen cabinets are soft to the touch. If one thing is certain, it is that with a matte kitchen we are going to get a pleasant touch and warmth that other finishes don`t have.
The matte offer elegance. With a matte color we get a unique elegance, a matte kitchen says that the person who lives in that house is careful in details.
Have variation options. As it is also the case with glossy finishes, not all matte surfaces are the same. There are different nanotech materials, laminates, and lacquers, with texture, satin, soft-touch, super matte, and anti-fingerprint finishes.
Matte kitchen cabinets usually look more consistent, like one solid surface due to the low light reflectivity. There is no reflection of light to make some of the doors look brighter or darker than others.
Matte finishes in your kitchen furniture reflect little or no light so that imperfections are not visible to the naked eye and also not mark the prints as in glossy or satin finishes. If you do not want worries, of daily maintenance of your kitchen furniture, this type of matt finish is a solution and very good alternative when it comes to the final decision, of the furniture.
If you are looking for a cabinet maker Toronto to make an ideal kitchen we are here! Make us a call at +1 (844) 746 – 2226 or send us an email at support@unicaconcept.ca. At Unica Concept, we take the time to listen to your ideas and expectations and provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to make the best choices for your specific project.


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Blerina Laska