I come from a family that believes that if you can’t find a hammer, use a rock. If you can’t find a rock, use your shoe. Because my parents grew up poor, they believe in the idea of making do with what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have. My entire family lives by this mantra. In my mom’s case, it’s if you can’t find filet mignon, use hot dogs and Spam.

We couldn’t always afford expensive meat growing up, so my mom thought of a dozen different ways to cook hot dogs and Spam. My favorite combination is Spam fried rice served with sesame hot dogs. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It didn’t matter what the ingredients were. She knew how to cook well, and that made all the difference in the world.

Whether in art or in business, don’t allow brand names and economics distract your from achieving your dreams. Not having the right brand of pen is not an excuse to quit writing. Not having a good camera is not an excuse to stop photographing. Not being able to afford letter pressed cards is not an excuse to put off getting business cards printed. Not having any business experience is not an excuse to prevent you from becoming an entrepreneur.

Being a creative artist and being a savvy entrepreneur is simply about being a creative artist and being a savvy entrepreneur. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and start focusing on what needs to get done. If my mom can figure out how to make a gourmet dish out of hot dogs and Spam, I’m find the means to turn your idea into reality. If you really want to be a creative artist or a savvy entrepreneur, you have to be willing to make it happen by any means necessary.

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Young B. Kim is a writer, artist, serial entrepreneur, and the creator of ideavist™. Young's mission is to help people make their ideas happen through his writing, coaching, consultations, and through speaking engagements on ideation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

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