This is my first day at the bank and I am overjoyed with joy! It feels good to be able to work in an environment where you are appreciated. When I was still in school, most of my teachers were not nice and always graded me low for no reason. Now that I have a job, it’s like a whole new world has opened up before me-I feel free!” Mike said while smiling brightly.

June looked at him sympathetically and remarked: “Don’t worry about what happened in the past; just think of how your future will be with this job as a banker.”

Mike and his friend June were just employed in a bank in Nigeria. They loved their job so much, but they knew it was never going to be that easy. You see, banks in Nigeria make use of Bank verification number (BVN)to identify customers. Anyone can check their BVN details online, but Mike didn’t know that.

So they where planning a wonderful scheme.

Will it go wrong?

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