All hornets that build nests, above or below ground, are territorial. Some are quite aggressive. If you’ve discovered a nest on your property, you’ll want to get rid of it ASAP, especially if it’s close to human traffic areas. Any sting is painful, but hornets nest in large numbers and 500 stings could kill a small child. One sting could be lethal even for an adult with allergies to the venom. Here are some ways you can get rid of that nest safely.

Drown Them

Always wait until it’s cool out to approach a nest, as that will make hornets more sluggish. Wear a heavy coat, gloves, a hood, safety goggles, and long pants. Prepare a bucket of scalding-hot water. You could also mix warm water with bleach or a large container of insecticide. Get up on a ladder and pour the bucket quickly but steadily across the top of the nest so that if flows downward. A can of hornet spray will do if it’s a small nest. Check the nest in the daytime and repeat the following night if you’re still seeing signs of activity.

Set Traps

This is a slower but still effective method. Buy or make your own hornet traps. You can make them from empty plastic soda bottles or milk cartons. Cut off the end with the opening and invert it to create a funnel. Tape or staple this funnel in place, and pour some soda or fruit juice concentrate into the bottle. The hornets will fly in, get confused, and hopefully drown. Again, wait until it’s cooler out and cover yourself in thick layers of clothing. Hang as many traps around the nest as possible, and give them a few days to work before you return to check. Clean or replace traps as needed.

Citrus Oil

Citrus oil extract contains the compounds linalool and limonene that are known to be highly toxic to wasps and hornets, killing them within seconds. Dilute several ounces with water and pour it into a super-soaker squirt gun or pressure-pump garden sprayer so you can hose down the nest or any roaming hornets from a distance. Keep the sprayer filled and handy so you can use it whenever you go outside. It’s more expensive than bug spray but also organic. Be warned, however, that it can be toxic to pets in large quantities.
You’d be correct in thinking that the best and safest way to get rid of a hornet problem is to call a local pest control company like Colonial Pest Control Inc. They can see that it’s done quickly and effectively to keep your family and pets safe.

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