Have you decided to go ahead with e cigarettes? If yes, then you have made the right choice. There are number of benefits in using electronic cigarettes like  Smok Stick V8 Kit. Once you decide to buy electronic cigarettes, you should make sure that you are ordering your starter kits from the top suppliers.

Now that e-cigarettes such as Justfog 1453 PT Kit and Joyetech eGo AIO D16 are becoming popular you will be able to find countless online stores selling the starter kits and vaping liquids to capture the highly prospective market. You might initially consider having many options very advantageous however once you actually get to search for the best electronic cigarettes you will understand how challenging the whole process gets. When you have way too many options before you and every store you come across feature a large variety of electronic cigarettes you will certainly get confused. Especially, for the first time buyers, it is going to be highly challenging. So be prepared for a long haul when you get started with your search for the best electronic cigarettes online.

Do not order your electronic cigarettes from random stores online. Even if you are ordering only branded starter kits, there is always a difference between ordering from a well-established store and a relatively new store or relatively unpopular store. If you want to be sure that you get authentic branded electronic cigarette starter kits it is important to go ahead with only experienced stores. Before ordering your electronic cigarettes like Eleaf iStick Pico from any online store check how long they have been in this field. If you could establish that the store from which you are planning to order is a highly experienced store then you should favour such a store.

It is not enough the online store from which you want to order your starter kits is an experienced store. It should also enjoy good reputation in the industry. What is the use of being in the industry for a long time if the customers are not happy with the quality of the products delivered by an online store or happy with the standard of service rendered by them? Yes, you should stay away from stores that do not enjoy good reputation. Only online suppliers of electronic cigarettes who offer good services and good products will be able to enjoy good reputation and that too they should be consistently good. It is not possible for a store to enjoy good reputation if they are not 100% reliable. Customers will not turn to such stores. You should therefore rate the reputation of the online store before placing your order for the starter kits from top brands like Smok.

Does the online store feature all the top brands in one place? If not you would be required to move from one online store to the other. You should be able to find all the leading brands in one place. So look for an online store that gives you access to top most brands. This is where going ahead with the most experienced stores will prove to be useful as they will have better sourcing networks from which they would source their inventory.

It is also important that the online supplier of e-cigarettes also feature the vaping liquids or e-liquids. You will be ordering the starter kit just once but you will need the refill for the vaping liquids regularly. If you manage to find the best e-cigarette stores that also sell the e-liquids too in the same place you need not have to waste your time screening the e-liquid suppliers. This will save you a lot of time and reduce the hassles.

The cost of the starter kits and the vaping liquids vary from one store to the other. It would prove to be beneficial for you to review as many stores as possible comparing the prices. Before you come to compare the prices you should have screened and short listed the stores based on the above selection criteria in terms of experience and reputation. Only stores that pass through such criteria should be allowed in your price comparison tests. You should never pay more than what you should for your electronic cigarettes or the vaping liquids. Some of the stores will price the starter kits very low but the vaping liquids which need to be ordered over and over would be priced high. Some stores will feature low prices but when you order you will end up paying huge fee for the shipping charges and in such situations the overall cost of the kit you are ordering would shoot up. Make sure that you are paying attention to such details too when you are comparing the prices between stores.

Does the online store have the selected products in stock? It would be better to check the availability status before placing the order so that you do not have to place the order and wait for it just because the supplier does not have the ordered product in stock. Look for customer ratings and reviews on timely delivery of the orders. If you are not going to pay attention to these details right at the start you could end up facing trouble down the line. It is not uncommon to run into risks while placing the orders online.

Finally, does the online store provide its customers with good customer support? Yes, you need to make sure that you are dealing only with companies that offer good customer support and with companies that take customer satisfaction serious.

When you pay attention to all these factors before selecting your online store for ordering the electronic cigarettes you will be able to find the best electronic cigarettes available online. So take your time to review the top stores online so that you could order not only your starter kits but also the vaping liquids as and when required. It is worth investing your time reviewing the top stores before placing your order.

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