Before buying a floor lamp, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you should know that these lamps were considered more dangerous than other lamps until the last decade, when technology and good design helped solve some of the problems that caused this style of lamp to fail in the first place.

For example, historically, floor lamps have always been overturned. Today there is a standard that contemporary floor lamps must meet, called the UL "Tunability" standard. This means that the floor lamp you are buying has a much heavier base and there is less danger of it falling and landing, for example on a sofa cushion and setting it on fire.

Another feature of these lamps that made them dangerous for years was the cables. The strings were made of cloth and caught fire easily with the slightest surge of energy. Today, floor lamps are made with a plastic cord instead of the old fabric cords. Old fabric cords also used to fray and it was much easier for an animal or child to chew on them or be accidentally shocked just by touching them.

The fact that most old lamps do not have a standard base that cannot be tipped over or a secure electrical cord is the reason why it is probably better to buy a new lamp than one at an antique store. That
It is safer. Another reason is that very old floor lamps attached their lampshades through a wire clamp that was attached to the lampshade. This style of clamp for placing light bulbs is also

However, if you find the lamp of your dreams, there is no reason why you can't take it to an electrician or antique dealer to see what can be done to restore it. This is done all the time to recycle old floor lamps. It is probably a good idea not to try to reconnect an old lamp yourself unless you are an experienced electrician. Although rewiring an old floor lamp is easy, making sure the base is stable is not. All you need is a wild kid or a rogue dog to tip it over and you could have a fire on your hands.

Floor lamps come in an incredible number of styles today, including all the retro styles you'll find in an antique store and all the more contemporary styles. While browsing online to buy floor lamps, it's quite common to find them in every imaginable style, including Mission, Seventy Retro, Tiffany, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Country, Late Victorian, and Gas. You can also find modern Swedish styles that include shades in the shape of upside-down pans and large metallic mixing bowls. Today they also come in all kinds of finishes and shades, including glass, porcelain, and brushed metal.

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