The skin is practically the largest organ on the whole body, and despite being resistant to dust and impurities, it is very fragile. It requires proper and regular care for it to appear youthful. And the best way to achieve it is by having a good skincare routine.


The good news is there are no shortages of skin care products available. But the bad news is all of them claim to be good and effective for skin nourishment. This makes it very confusing for a buyer to know which one is actually good.


There are some aspects that should be considered when buying skin care products. And this post will explain them in details. Continue reading.


Know What Your Skin Demands: 


The first condition is understanding the skin’s needs, characteristics and type. Then comes identifying the skin issue like dehydration, acne, flakiness, etc.


Being clear with one’s skin characteristics and its existing issue will help in understanding what it demands. And once this is clear; one can easily pick the right skin care product.


Be Skeptic About The Choice Of Skin Care Product:


Prior to purchasing skin care products in Australia; one should conduct thorough research. The skin is a very delicate organ, and the last thing one needs is ruining it with the wrong skin care products.


  • Read the ingredients as not all of them are adequate for skin care.
  • Check the product’s customer feedback to have a clear idea of its effectiveness.
  • See if it may cause allergic reactions
  • Lastly, inspect about the product’s brand


Researching beforehand goes a long way in determining which product is effective and tolerable for one’s skin surface or not. So, keep this in mind as well.


Identify Petroleum Derived Ingredients: 


A lot of commercial skin care products are known to contain petroleum-derived ingredients.


Some of the commonly used ones are as follows:


  • Petroleum Jelly also called Petrolatum
  • Polysorbates followed by TEA/DEA/MEA
  • Mineral Oil which is also known as Paraffinum Liquidum
  • Propylene Glycol


One may ask why are they even used? The reason being, they are cheap, easily obtained and last for a long time.


It’s downsides -


  • They contain carcinogens that are linked to the rise of allergies
  • They also expose your skin to toxins when applied to it on a regular basis.


So, the bottom line is- identify these ingredients in the opted products before buying.


Skip Products With Unnecessary or Excessive Fragrance: 


Starting with synthetic fragrances which are pretty much in 70-80% of skin care products- one should avoid them at all costs.


Major proportion of these fragrances are derived from coal tar and petroleum and other VOCs- volatile organic compounds. Studies have shown that these VOCs are linked to cancer, central nervous disorders, allergic skin reactions and even childbirth deficiencies.


Capping Off:


Having the right input about skin care products is always useful in figuring the right one. So, next time when choosing such products, either as a gift or for one’s personal skincare routine, make sure to remember these considerations.


It will help in making the right choice.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a skin care product specialist... has heaps of experience when it comes to buying quality skin care products in Australia. The author is also a blogger and advice the readers who purchase products as a gift regularly some key tips to get the right one.