Having the right art supplies will go a long way in making your business a success, whether it is focused on selling supplies or teaching art classes. Many supplies store fail because, although they purport to supply those items needed, they are either incomplete or the quality is not really all that good. On the other hand, art students are drawn to classes where they know they will be using the right supplies. This explains why some art classes are not as attended as others. They want to learn using the best tools because it is also a way of ensuring they get the best training.

What are the basic supplies that every art store should have? It does not matter if you are catering to professional artists, the basics should always be there. The first things that would come to mind would be inks, dyes and paints. The many categories of paints include acrylic, oil, watecolour, glass, or ceramic. Paints are sold individually or in sets.

Pastels and crayons are an obvious favorite among the younger crowd, particularly the kids. Serious artists would also want to buy various mediums, varnishes and primers. Make sure that you are also stocked with pens, pencils, brushes, and charcoal. Cases or holders for these brushes are also a good idea to ensure they will be protected when not in use.

Art papers and pads are essentials as supplies for artists. You should also make it a point to include drawing boards. You should also make sure you have a selection of canvas available for purchase by the roll, per meter, in pads or in panels. Aside from that, you can add some canvas accessories and artboards, which are basically soft wooden panels that offer excellent painting surfaces.

There are so many easels that you can choose to sell, categorized according to their uses or purposes. Wooden and metal easels of all sizes are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Artist stools are good additions to these easels that artists will truly appreciate.

Instructional materials can also be classified as art supplies. Stock up on books, magazines and maybe even multimedia materials that center on creating art. People will appreciate when you will also sell items that will teach them more about art and how to start and go about perfecting their craft. They would appreciate learning more about sketching, drawing, sculpting, painting using various mediums, and other forms of art.

Items that would be needed in storing these supplies would also be much appreciated. Art satchels and bags are especially useful in organizing the smaller items such as pens and brushes. Finished artworks can be kept in drawing tubes, portfolios and cases, as well as wooden art cases.

Your list of art supplies to purchase should largely depend on what your potential customers need or want. You will have an easier time choosing the right art supplies if you are armed with this information.

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