You didn't grow up in 89, the cements were usually the same on color on these, however some DID Have a slight flaw on what they used to call the bumperof the shoe with the speckles being too distant on some sides, and the gray background having just a 3%lighter shade, this happens to all shoe manufacturing materials, when they are using the last drum of paint which sprays light because of the clear oily residue at the bottom mixes with the last of the cement gray making it look like cool gray to maybe even a gray white, that is when back in the day they used to have some wholesale shoe outlets, nike wholesale that would sell these for 70$ back in 89! The blank parts of of the black speckles tend to rub off if paint was cheap, or when they sprayed the sheet of gray fiber with the black speckling, the air cartridge stops, and the spray hose tends to choke leaving a blank spot on the yard or roll of fiber press.

So it looks like they have gave you the last line of that manufactured load where it was all running low on the las materials, which they have to use so make more profit. Sorry you had to get paint , but I would rock them anyway. Oh yeah, back in 89 they used the framed cylinder translucent 3d Nike Air tag for the first time , new release, on the 4's and so on to the 5's. The thin orange flat translucent Nike air Icon tag was used for only one year on the 3's and a few air max , or trainer 3 series. Nice shoes though and I like your thorough descriptions on the replicas, I'm actually waiting on pair on Jordan 6 Inga reds, from handle name sexymichael sports , they got 100% and I've seen pics that are mind-blowing. Check it out,

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