People often ask, is thrive market worth it?
It certainly is. It is a great one-stop shop to buy the best organic and non-GMO foods.

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Today, the public is more discerning than ever before on what they eat The trend is towards organic and gluten-free produce.

The answer is clear.

Researches and studies have revealed that the nutrient quality of fruits and vegetables that are available in the market today have much fewer vitamins and minerals than what was available decades ago.

As one nutritional expert pointed out, “One of the most common vegetables, potato, has lost a good deal of its vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, riboflavin, and thiamin”.

Potato is not the only victim. This kind of deficiency in nutrients spans across all types of fruits & vegetables.

The only answer to address this issue is organic farming.
Simply put, organic farming means cultivation of plants and nurturing of animals in natural ways.

Organic farming uses biological materials and eliminates contamination of soil and water, because the farming processes do not make use of any synthetic chemicals.

The upshot is - biodiversity is conserved. The natural balance within the ecosystem is achieved thereby preventing dominance of one type of species over the other.

And then you have the environmental advantages too.
With conventional farming, the groundwater is polluted with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic farming prohibits the use of these harmful chemicals.Organic agricultural methods play a significant part in lessening the greenhouse effect and global warming through their ability to remove carbon in the soil.

There is more.

Organic farming helps wildlife. A report has revealed that wildlife is more diverse on organic than on conventional farms. It is also observed that a classic organic field has substantially more wild plants, species, and birds than in a regular farm.The mantra today is sustainable cultivation and food availability for all.

Buying organic

To accrue the benefits of nutrients, people now prefer food grown in organic farms.The best way to do it is to buy from a reliable organic food store.

The good news is that the thrive market product list offers ample choices for everyone.

If you are trying to buy dairy, you have choices of organic milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Read the certification.

If it shows organic, it means that the cows did not receive any antibiotics or growth hormones. Cows fed on fresh grass produce higher levels of saturated fat than cows fed on grains.

Importantly, choose a reliable online store – like Thrive Market coupon codes

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