Your business has grown and it is now time to think about more office space for your receptionist, payroll department, and other office staff.  The big question is should you look for small office space for sale in Kolkata or would it be better if you leased office space first?  There are pros and cons to both options so you should take the time to do the research and see which would be the best option for your company. 

One of the pros of buying office space for sale in Kolkata is that the costs are fixed.  What this means is that you will have a mortgage payment each month that will go toward the cost of the building and not into the landlord’s hands. 

Other pros include:

  • Tax deductions—owning and running an office space can provide deductions for property taxes, mortgage interest, and more.
  • Retirement savings—when you allow your property to appreciate over time and decide to sell, you can add the money received to your retirement fund.
  • Additional income—if you decide to buy the large or small office space for sale in Kolkata, and you find your company has extra office space you are not using, you can rent it out for extra income.

As with anything, there are also cons, which include: 

  • Upfront costs—when you decide to buy instead of lease, there are more upfront costs. You would be responsible for the appraisal of the property, any costs to put the utilities in your company’s name, getting internet service, a large down payment, and more.
  • No flexibility—if your company should continue to grow and you find you need larger office space, you will either have to make do with what you have or sell it and start over.

If you decide to lease instead of pursuing the option of buying office space for sale in Kolkata, here are some pros for leasing.

  • When you lease instead of buying, it gives you the option to rent office space in an area with a high image and good location. You might not be able to afford to purchase office space there but can afford the monthly lease price.
  • Working capital is freed up—if your business money is not tied up in real estate, you will have more capital to be used for other things for your business such as expanding your product line.

Some of the cons of leasing include:

  • Costs can vary—when leasing your office space, there is a possibility that sometime during your lease you may have a rent increase.
  • No equity—the money you will be paying each month will not give you any equity toward your retirement but it will for the landlord.


As you can see, there are pros and cons to both but in the long run, buying office space would be the best option if you can afford it.  It will give you equity, the freedom to do what you wish with the space, such as rent it out, and more. 

Author's Bio: 

This Article Penned by Lora Davis.