The Hindu mythology boosts of 33 crore Gods and Goddesses. Each of these deities are known to possess unique powers. Hanuman holds a special position in Hinduism. Would-be mothers and young men worship Hanuman most sincerely. Hanuman is known for several distinguished features. Let us contemplate about Hanuman and the metaphysical powers that the Hanuman charms are believed to possess.
Hanuman is known as the biggest worshipper of Lord Ram. He is epitome of spiritual discipline. Those people who find it hard to discipline themselves keep Hanuman charms with them. These charms help them to remain focused. Students, people preparing for examinations also keep hanuman charms with them. Hanuman is also known as the celeb God. He is known to have practiced celibacy throughout his life and dedicated himself to service of the one true God`s incarnation- Lord Ram. This is why many people who are looking forward for direction and self-discipline seek guidance from Lord Hanuman. There are many elements that can be used as charms.
Hanuman Chalisa is the spiritual text that Hanuman worshippers read asking for protection and guidance from the Lord. The text is available in form of a booklet but you can also come across versions available in form of scrolls, wall hangings and as side table decorative. The Chalisa also comes in attractive glass forms. Audio as well as video CDs are also available for those who would like to listen to the Chalisa while driving. You can also download various musical versions of Chalisa.

You may also keep photograph of Hanuman in various ways. You can wear locket of the Hanuman as necklace or wear it as charm on your bracelet. Paper-weight that carry photograph of Hanuman make good gifts for students. The photographs of hanuman are also available with Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. This further signifies the worshipping aspect of the Lord. There are certain significant moments in Hanuman`s life which people carry with themselves in form of photographs. For example, one of the most common photos of Lord Hanuman is when he lifted Dronagiri parbat. This photograph symbolizes strength of highest scale. Bodybuilders use this photograph to take inspiration from the Lord and ask for his blessing to build a strong, healthy and muscular body. Those athletes who practice celibacy stay motivated through photograph or painting of Hanuman.
You can buy the charms of Hanuman from gift stores online. We strongly recommend that you should buy from a well-known gift store to receive high quality services. At times the original piece may look different from the photograph displayed online. You need to make sure that you shall receive what you see in the photograph. More importantly, the company should have an open and customer-friendly exchange policy. Some charms are created in fine metals like silver and gold. If you are buying hanuman charms made using gems and expensive metals then confirm about certificate of originality. The store must take responsibility of each purchase.

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