According to recent research, over 30% of adults over the age of 65 have a challenge getting in and out of the bathtub. Stepping out of a regular tub can be a big challenge especially for individuals with mobility problems. Research from the Center for Disease Control, also shows that more than one third of older individuals fall every year, and most of these fallings take place in the bathroom.

We believe the best walk in tub can be a great solution to help reduce the number of accidents and falls taking place in the bathroom.

Buying Guide For The Best Walk In Tub

The Faster the Drain Time the Better

One of the drawbacks of walk in bathtubs, is that they have to drain, completely before you can open the door. Well, waiting for the tub to drain while your body is wet can be tedious, to say the least. Some tubs can take over 5 minutes to drain before you can open the door. Newer drain technologies, allow for faster drain times of a little over 1 minute!

Stay on Your Feet

The lower the threshold to step over when getting into the tub, the more balance you’ll have, and the less chance for an accident. The whole point of the walk-in bathtub is to make it easy for you to get in and out, without having to balance yourself on one leg like a heron!

Keep Your Back and Tush Warm!

Even though a quick draining tub will only force you to sit for a little over a minute while the tub drains, you’ll still have to sit while it fills up! One solution some of the manufacturers have come up with is heated seats. They’ll make life a lot more comfortable for you, while your sitting in your birthday suit waiting for the tub to fill!

Think With Your Head

If you’re in a bathtub, it’s not always easy to wash and rinse your hair without a shower head. Moreover, sometimes, you may not want to bath and you may want to take a quick shower while seated. That’s fine. Make sure to get a tub with a hand held shower head, and you’ll have the convenience of a shower with the safety of a walk in tub.

Not Suitable For all Homes

Just make sure your hot water tank is big enough. Each tub will have its own requirements, depending on its size, but if your tank is less than 50 gallons, you may have some issues.

Get Protection

Although most walk-in tub manufacturers advertise a warranty, just understand that not all of them are of equal value. Some are for a few years, others for a lifetime. Some are for parts only, others include labor. Make sure you get what you want.

What’s so Good About Walk-in Tubs Anyways?

- If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, walk-in tubs with jacuzzi like jets can provide a lot of pain relief and therapeutic benefits.

- The ability to walk in, instead of stepover the bathtub wall, makes bathing and showering a much safer experience.

- Because you can now get in and out of the tub without help, it can increase your ability to live alone and reduce your dependence on others.

There are Some Drawbacks

- Walk-in bathubs are surprisingly expensive. Some can even cost over $10,000! Make sure you only get what you need.

- The bigger the tub, the bigger the water tank you’ll need. Changing your water tank just adds another expense to an already expensive project.

- You will need to clean your tub and the jets regularly to keep it in good shape.

Take Away

The bathroom can be a risky place for seniors. It’s fraught with the danger of slips, trips and falls. Because walk-in bathtubs are easy to walk in to, sit in and get up from, they add a significant amount of safety to the whole experience. Hopefully the guide above helped you determine if a walk-in tub is right for you and how to go about getting the best one for you!

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