If you are planning to buy a residential property in Bangalore, this seems to be the best time to go ahead with your decision. Experts suggest this because of various reason:

1. IT centric city: Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India because of its ever growing population of IT professionals. Therefore the environment in this metropolitan is that of educated people with similar values and backgrounds as far as aptitude is concerned. This becomes a favorable factor when you send your kids to school and they interact with other members of the society at an equal level. It helps them grow in a healthy way and gives them an opportunity to keep growing.

2. New Developers: Since the market here is favorable, new developers are putting in efforts to accommodate the increasing demand and rising expectation with respect to the standard of living and architectural design. In comparison to past when the only aspect, developers concentrated upon was developing a habitable space in less area and price, hence compromising upon the quality of workmanship and style; new and reputed developers are also concentrating on motivating a lifestyle which gives residents a chance to stay fit and fresh. Therefore their new residential properties in Bangalore are loaded with additional amenities which have now become essential for all of us.

3. Ease of documentation work: For most of us who do not understand the documentation complexities, getting documents ready for buying a house is most confusing. However, nowadays when you buy a new house in a planned developers colony or township like the flats in Whitefields, Bangalore, the housing company assures that your documents are up to date and collected and submitted on time. This relieves you from the hassle of doing it yourself and avoids mistakes and missing out on deadlines.

4. Greens and landscapes: the new housing societies have beautifully landscaped areas full of greenery and artificially constructed small fountains or ponds. These beautiful surrounding relieves us from stress and gives a break to the monotonous routine. Therefore it keeps us fresh and going and motivates us to socialize with neighbors and other members of our society even after a long day at office.

5. Amenities at par with International level: No doubt the additional amenities offered in these new societies are at par with those of the international standards. The tennis courts, cricket pitches and the basketball court are all designed to suit the needs of the growing families. The tracks maintained for morning and evening walks are amid greenery are extremely amusing. To add to this the swimming pools and Clubhouse make a great hub to interact with others.

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Author is a popular adviser with real estate firms and has a vast experience of developing and existing quality of standard of residential apartments being in Bangalore.