There have been lots of debates on buying a dog from a breeder vs adopting one from a shelter. Everyone may have a different opinion in this regard but in our opinion, adopting a dog (or cat, or any other pet animal) from a shelter is one of the most generous acts one can do.

Let's have a quick comparison below on buying vs adopting.

Every year, about 6.5 million pet animals are brought to the shelters. These 6.5 million pet animals are those that are abandoned by their owners on the roads or left to the shelters. And if you don't already know, many of them are kill shelters where these lovely creatures are killed if no one adopts them. So, adopting a pet from a shelter or a kill shelter means you are saving a life.

Why You Shouldn't Get an Animal from a Pet Store or Breeder?

Well, greedy people out there have established puppy mills and backyard breeding businesses where they breed dogs for the sake of money. In these mills, the basic needs and necessities are not considered seriously, as well as, no precautionary measures are implemented.

Puppy mills are causing overpopulation:

Apart from the fact that there are millions of animals in the shelters, the breeders are breeding companion animals and increasing the population of such animals that is totally cruel. If you visit a shelter, you'll find hundreds and thousands of different animals such as cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, and reptiles, etc.

Now, they have even crossbreeding different pure breeds. If you conduct deep research on the internet, you'll find hundreds of different crossbreeds of dogs such as Pomsky, Shih Poo, and Labradoodle, etc.

How to help the pet animals in the Shelters?

You can help these pets in several ways.

- Adopt and bring them home forever.
- Foster them for a couple of weeks or as long as you can do.
- Volunteer to walk dogs and play with cats in the shelters.
- If you have a wide circle of friends, host a fundraising drive for these pets and try to arrange as much money as you can.

Final words:

Just imagine spending the rest of your life in a small room behind the door. Sounds horrible? Yes, it is. So, don't buy a puppy from a puppy mill or pet store and adopt one from a shelter, most preferably, a kill shelter.

Author's Bio: 

Sahir Farid is the co-founder of https://thedogsjournal and he likes to read and write about dogs.