Video games are a great way to relax and relieve the stress of our entire day. It is a great source of entertainment as well. There are a vast array of choices when it comes to video games. Making a billion options to choose from, there is one specific video game that has everyone’s attention. It is none other than Grand Theft Auto.

The Grand Theft Auto's first instalment was released on October 21st, 1997. The latest version of Grand Theft Auto 5, released in 2013, has become the most prominent video game in the world. It belongs to the action and adventure genre. Grand theft auto is a thrilling game that can be played fromthe1st person viewpoint or 3rd person viewpoint.

GTA 5 Awards:-
• VGX Award for Game of the year.
• VGX Award for Most anticipated game.
• British Academy Games Award for Game design.
• British Academy games award for Multiplayer.
• BAFTA games Award for British games.
• The Game Award for best Remaster.

Features of Grand Theft Auto 5:-
The features of GTA 5 are updated than older versions. You can enjoy these features more with's GTA 5 ps4 modded account.
1. The trio of protagonists:-Grand theft auto 5 is the only version to have three protagonists. This gives a unique gaming experience. All the three protagonists Michael, Trevor and Franklin have different personalities and jobs. Along with that, all three have distinctive skills whichhelp you complete a task or challenge expertly. This feature can let you switch characters in a blink of an eye.
2. An enormous world:-The fictional city of Los Angeles is portrayed as an enormous city. The visual and audio effect is breath-taking. The city is so enormous that the players will require to switch characters for exploring the entire city.
3. Wide range of games:-The Grand theft auto's 5th version has many non-aggressive games like golf, tennis and cycling. These games are designed for players to chill and relax.
4. Scuba diving and hunting:-There is scuba diving in the 5th version of GTA.In this section, you might get any tasks to fulfilunderwater. Along with that, you can hunt in the game. This version also provides a submarine that will help you explore underwater better.
5. Variety of planes and cars to choose from:-As compared to GTA 4, GTA 5 provides its players to choose and fly planes from a huge number of choices. Apart from this, there is a good variety of cars to select from. And a better flying and driving experience.
6. Players can choose the desired methods and plans:-The Grand theftauto's 5th version lets its players choose their desired methods to fulfil challenges and make plans on their own.

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Bottom line.
When we think about video games, GTA 5 pops up in our minds by default. GTA 5 is asuperior video game that is loved by everyone. Hands down the 5th instalment of GTA are a revolution in the world of video games.

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